Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Adds Ravana and Bismarck Mounts for Extreme Primals

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2016 05:16 EST

Good news! Starting from patch 3.2, two new bird mounts, Ravana and Bismarck will be added in Final Fantasy XIV for Extreme Primals. It is time to buy ff14 gil for sale on safewow and farm a bird mount to see the endless garden in Eorzea!

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Ravana and Bismarck mounts added with ffxiv patch 3.2

Yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV “Project Manage M” updated a blog on the official site to reveal that two new mounts will be added in the game when Patch 3.2 - “The Gears of Change” releases later this month. According to the showing pictures, a red Ravana mount and a white Bismarck mount will be offered as rewards for the Extreme Primal fights. Also another side note, the white lore caster set is actually healer. OK, my chocobo, you've served me well... you can rest now, sorry for all the flying i forced you to do. It's nice that SE provides incentive to run older content with these new bird mounts, but note that who can get the mount is decided based on the result of a lotting battle! Good luck in the roll!
Thordan and Fiend related mounts will also be added

While I'm excited to have a reason to do the ex primals again, the blog notes that these won’t be the only two new primal mounts that will be added. Instead, there will be flying bird mounts for Thordan and Sephirot as well (no photo for these 2). Although the blog doesn’t clearly tell whether or not those two will be added in patch 3.2, they might, but let’s not get too excited until we’re sure.

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2 - the Gears of Change is scheduled to release on February 23, 2016! Along with the majestic bird mounts are mountains of new contents, including Antitower and Lost city of Amdapor dungeons, two new trials, two new raids, new pvp mode “Feast”, etc...Prepare for release day with ff14 gil for sale on safewow!

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