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Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2013 09:42 EST

Kids today grow up in an interconnected world. Apart from interacting with kids from different backgrounds, many will likely at some point study, travel or work outside their home country. Educators and kids' activity providers are cognizant of this fact and as a result there is a range of curriculum, teaching methods, learning resources available to kids today. "We are all aiming to raise global citizens in a rapidly shrinking world" says Yamini Pathak one of the founders of Schools 'N More - a website that helps parents discover these options and find the right schools, activities and online learning resources for their kids. With coverage across six geographies and growing, Schools ‘N More brings the best of education to parents in various parts of the world.

School search for kids can start as early as 2 years and with it comes agonizing decisions on the type of curriculum - Montessori versus structured, International Baccalaureate School versus local, public versus private etc. Schools 'N More makes it easy to find the right school through their School Search function which lets the user find the nearest schools by curriculum and grade and also provides information on school performance, student-teacher ratios and special needs where applicable. Parents can search for public and private schools, Montessoris, International, CBSE, ICSE schools as well as preschools. When families relocate, it's not just schools that are important but also kids' activities. Schools 'N More's Class Search makes it easy to find the whole range of online learning activities for kids and classes from ballet to Kumon to martial arts. For those short on time or need more help, Schools 'N More provides personalized School Search Assistance. "We aim to provide low cost relocation assistance when it comes to finding the right school or activities for families that move - globally or locally" says Shruta Vishwanath, a founder of Schools 'N More.

Bringing together the best learning resources also means sharing of best education practices from across the world. Schools 'N More conducts interviews and research to showcase different teaching techniques and approaches from various parts of the world be it through articles on chess education, math or through comparisons of different curriculum and reviews of online learning resources and mobile apps.

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Schools 'N More provides information on over 9000 schools, 4000 activities across multiple countries. Their founders are ex-US financial services executives with extensive experience at Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. They also happen to be concerned mothers who want to explore the unlimited world of learning available to kids today.

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The founders of Schools ‘N More are two former US financial services executives with significant professional experience in online marketing and database design. More importantly, we are concerned mothers who realize thonline marketinge importance of raising global citizens in a rapidly shrinking world.