Fishing Artifact Added in Legion Beta, WOW Profession Artifacts Will Be A Trend?

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2015 03:49 EST

As more and more artifacts have been introduced in WOW Legion, believes that you have known much about fishing artifact - the Underlight Angler with a trait calculator that allows you to see what new skills you can acquire from leveling the item. But the hot discussion is not only on its traits, but also on if this new non-class Artifact open the way for more profession artifacts in WOW.

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Why fishing artifact is amazing for wow players?

Fishing artifact is one of the biggest surprises that Blizzard has brought in Legion except for Gnone Hunters and other amazing features. Now let’s look at what skills fishing artifacts have. Firstly, its’ base trait allows you to teleport to the nearest fishing node, that feature alone can make many players crazy and make this artifact worth the admission price. Besides, its’ minor traits can grant an increased chance for you to catch a certain fish in Legion, while some other utility traits allow you walking on water, and even increase the lure and bait duration. As for its major traits, the varying functions make them even more interesting. Bloodfishing trait will help you to catch a certain special fish, such as the Blood of Sargeras fish. Fishrender’s Blessing allows you to transform into a fish to increase the movement speed and breathe underwater. And Fishbane increases the damage you make against underwater creatures. All of the above traits will help you to fish more efficiently in WOW Legion.

Will there be more profession artifacts in wow?

When fishing artifact is so amazing and useful, will you expect for more profession artifacts? Is fishing artifact a sign of more profession artifacts? Personally, safewow would like to see each profession has its own Artifact. It would be cool if all professions have a special item that helps to increase their crafting power, isn’t it? But from a practical standpoint, thinks an artifact for primary profession is less likely. Fishing is the only profession that requires people to hold an item to proceed, which makes itself suitable for an artifact. While seeing other profession, it might be kinda funny when there is an epic sewing needle, or an Apocalyptic Paper of Inscriptionation. Still, a legendary alchemy crucible or smithing hammer of glowing runes would be amazing. Thus, even though an artifact for primary profession to be less likely, I hope this is a sign that all the other secondary profession get one. They would breathe new and needed life into the secondary profession. But considering the big time sink in leveling class Artifact, will you actually want a secondary artifact just for profession? If there's an artifact for a secondary profession interesting to inspire this kind of tedium, such as Fishing, it would be anticipated!

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