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Flagship Specialized Shippers Offers Top Quality Boat Transportation for Boat Owners

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2011 05:45 EST

November 18, 2011 - Are you one of those boat owners who feel depressed the moment you think of how you are going to transport a boat (in one piece) across the country? You will be glad to know that your boat transportation task will no longer be a stressful undertaking.

Flagship Specialized Shippers are professional boat haulers that make it their job to take out the stress of boat transportation.

Unlike many of the new boat haulers in the business, Flagship Specialized Shippers has 26 years experience in yacht transportation and sailboat transportation.

Why Choose Flagship Specialized Shippers?

This world class boat haulers knows that the effective way to transport a boat is a stressful one and ensures that they alleviate that stress.

Flagship Specialized Shippers also carries the right insurance and is also bonded.

Clients can count on this yacht transport company to provide excellent service.

What to Expect From Flagship Specialized Shippers

• This sailboat shipping company treat all the boats that they transport as though they are (very) expensive yachts regardless of the boat's size or monetary worth. These boat movers are well aware that a client's boat is worth a lot more than just monetary figure to them.

• Flagship Specialized Shippers clearly understand that good planning is a main factor when performing sailboat transportation or yacht transportation from point A to point B. These boat movers are licensed and well versed in the requirements of different states in the country and the Federal DOT rules that govern boat transportation.

• If you are searching for a reputable and reliable boat transport company to successfully transport your oversized vessel, then Flagship Specialized Shippers is the sailboat shipping company that will get the job done.

• This sailboat transportation company has years of experience in yacht transportation all over the nation and in the marine industry.

Things to Consider Prior to Sailboat or Yacht Shipping
It is important to understand that there are lot of things to consider when you are getting ready to transport a boat. At the Flagship Specialized Shippers' website you will find information that will address these issues. Whether you are planning to transport a powerboat, yacht or sailboat, you will certainly find enough information at Flagship Specialized Shippers' website.

Yacht Transport and Hauling

Yacht shipping is a highly specialized aspect of transportation - this is nothing like DHLing a parcel. Choosing a sailboat shipping company to transport your vessel is a really big decision. It is always a good idea to choose boat haulers who been in the business for a long time and are known for providing excellent service. Flagship Specialized Shippers has the tools, equipment and the smarts to transport your vessel to any part of the country and also provide you with unrivaled customer service.

Boat owners can now count on top quality yacht transport from a bonded and insured boat transport company. Just let the pros handle the whole process of your boat transport!

Visit Flagship Specialized Shippers website for a free quote.

The trusted boat transportation team at Flagship Specialized Shippers would ensure you an ideal sailboat transportation. The professional boat haulers handle anything from pickup and delivery around the corner or an international shipment.