Flour Market: Europe To Be Dominant Regional Market In Terms Of Revenue

Press Release   •   Aug 04, 2017 05:54 EDT

The Flour Market produces flour which is obtained by grinding wheat, maize, rice, and others. Wheat is the grain which is used to make flour. It is the main ingredient of bread which is a staple food for many cultures. Maize flour is a staple food in the Americas and has been important since ancient times.

The multipurpose flour produced by the Flour Market contains a high proportion of starch which is a subset of complex carbohydrates, known as polysaccharides and is mostly preferred by people watch out for their health. Wheat flour is mostly used for human consumption. Flours are used to prepare bread, bakery items, fast food, and corn based coating of fried food.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Flour Market

Growth in the population along with per capita per income has increased the demand for all- purpose wheat flour which raises the flour production. Rising health awareness among people in various countries is leading to the demand for gluten free brown bread flours which strengthens the growth of the Flour Market. The non-application food segment is also expected to expand at a higher rate than any other segment in the forecast period.

Increasing number of cafes and fast food restaurants is driving the Flour Market. Development of the flour milling industry in regions such as Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa also drives the market. The market is affected by the rising awareness regarding the health hazards of gluten.

Europe remains dominant in the Flour Market followed by Asia Pacific. In countries like UK and Germany, increase in the domestic production of plain white flour for making bread has triggered the growth of the market in Europe. The rise of the value added processed baked industry in Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France is expected to drive the demand for general purpose flour.

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Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Flour Market

The Flour Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

  • •Products- Bread & Bakery Products, Noodles & Pasta, Animal Feed (Including Pet Food)
  • Wafers, Crackers, & Biscuits, Non-Food Application (Including Bio-Plastics, Biomaterials, Glue), Others (Including Roux and Baby Food).
  • •Technology- Dry Technology and Wet Technology.
  • •Region- U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Germany, UK, Rest of Europe.

Some of the key players involved in the Flour Market are as follows:

  • •US Durum Milling Inc.
  • •Hayden Flour Mills
  • •Sunrise Flour Mill
  • •North American Millers Association
  • •Grain Craft
  • •To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.
  • •Heartland Mills Inc.
  • •The Birkett Mills
  • •ADM Milling Co.
  • •Horizon Milling
  • •Satake USA
  • •Fairheaven Organic Flour Mill

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