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For Parents Moving to India - Detailed Information on Indian Schools and Education published by Schools ‘N More

Press Release   •   Dec 30, 2013 23:22 EST

Expatriate postings and relocation to India have become quite common in the workplace today. In addition there is a significant number of families who are returning to India after short and long stints abroad. A move across countries with the family can be quite daunting and one of the biggest concerns for parents is ensuring an uninterrupted, quality education for their kids. Schools ‘N More have created a section specifically to assist parents with schooling decisions prior to moving to India.

Schools in India today offer a wide range of different curriculums both international and local. The Moving to India section provides a detailed description of Preschool choices, Montessori schools, curriculums followed in local schools such as ICSE and CBSE and international curriculums like the International Baccalaureate through a series of articles. Parents can make an informed decision on which curriculum would be the right choice for their kids. For the benefit of expats moving to India for the first time, there are articles explaining a typical school year and timing of vacations as well as age cut offs for most Indian schools.

Resources on the page include lists of renowned preschools, international and local (ICSE and CBSE curriculum) schools in some of the biggest cities in India that have a higher expat population, namely New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. The publishers plan to add more cities to the list. These cities are also the most popular with Indians who have been living abroad and are returning to settle down in their home country for good. Additionally there are articles on some popular activities for kids living in India such as an interview with Indian chess teacher and suggestions on helping kids imbibe Indian culture. The section is extremely useful for parents looking to get their kids settled in as easily as possible in a new, unfamiliar environment and continues to grow as the authors keep to adding relevant content on an ongoing basis. Since school and home search are closely linked, Schools ‘N More has also partnered with, the leading Indian portal in the online real estate space to help relocating families find the home that’s right for them. 

Schools ‘N More provides information on over 9000 schools, and 4000 kids’ activities across multiple countries. Their founders are ex-US financial services executives with extensive experience at Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. Their aim is to highlight the best of learning opportunities available to kids on a global and local scale and in the offline and online world.