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Press Release   •   Oct 22, 2010 20:26 EDT first came on the scene with a new tool for trading the Forex. The Forex trading tools that were provided were completely free of charge. No banners, no ads, no pop ups and no email registration were required. The Forex trading software would enhance the users ability to place orders faster and with only one click for order entry and exits. This was done by presetting all of the parameters for each pair. The software made such a huge impact that pleas were made from the public to expand the automated Forex software.

The next step is now in effect, a redesign of the One Clicker. How did the One Clicker Professional come into existence The Founders of the company listened to the requests and needs of the Forex traders.

Our goals are to provide Forex trading tools to traders for their needs and not what kind of automated Forex software we want to give them. We listen then we take actions.

After many months of development and input from traders with widely varied backgrounds, the new One Clicker Professional was conceived. The Forex trading software was refined and redesigned so that trades are placed faster (only milliseconds) and exits are just as fast. As soon as you release your finger from the mouse, the orders are appearing in the Metatrader trade window.

These Forex trading tools have been taken to the next level in may ways. The trader can simultaneously control up to 10 Metatrader accounts at once. With only one click of a button, you can buy or sell up to 10 accounts at one time. This is perfect if you are a News trader or Scalper. Or if you only want to place an order on one of the MT4 accounts then one click and that is done. There is not any other Forex trading software that functions in this capacity as fast and smoothly as the One Clicker Professional.

Already there are plans to make it even better. Toolsfortradingtheforex is an innovative and creative new company on the Forex scene. The company is dedicated to the users and traders of the Forex and is attempting to set a new standard of quality in doing business within the confines of the Forex. The first step has already been taken.