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Forms Processing: A Successful Project

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2010 04:49 EDT

Many organizations have the need to capture data off forms. Forms can vary from simple to complex. The simplest would be a single page form with data in consistent fields e.g. product warranty cards, single page surveys, consumer feedback forms etc. A complex form processing project would be one where information is spread across several pages and not necessarily in consistent positions.

One project we executed involved entering data off mortgages/deeds. All mortgages/deeds consist of several pages which may run into more than a hundred pages. To keep all the pages of a mortgage/deed together the client scanned them to a multipage tiff file. Each tiff file size was huge because of the number of pages. This was a challenge for the team both for transmission and navigation during the entry process. Project volume was about 200,000 mortgage/deed files with 10 million pages and data size of about 500 Gb.

The scanned mortgage/deed files were transmitted overnite via FTP by the client. We downloaded the tiff images and processed them during the day. Data files were sent back by evening for client to use when they returned to work the next day, thus ensuring a 24 hours turnaround.

Building the data entry software
Normally we follow a “double entry” process for all manual entry to ensure accuracy. For this particular project the normal double entry process would not work since data was to be entered from several pages within a mortgage/deed and the order was not consistent. The two sets of operators would be spending considerable time searching for relevant data. To overcome this issue we developed a software wherein the same operator entered the data twice and the software matched both inputs.

The software would display the image of a page in half the screen, which could be scrolled vertically and horizontally by the operator. In the bottom half of the screen were the data entry fields. The operator had to browse through a page and if any relevant data (like mortgagor, mortgagee,  grantor, grantee, parcel no., mortgage amount, stamp duty, interest rate, interest type etc)was present on the page the same was to be entered twice. Any mismatch between the two inputs would be highlighted by the software. An operator had to correct the entry before they could move to the next field.

An operator would browse through all the pages of the mortgage/deed. Where ever they found relevant information it was entered. After all the pages of a mortgage/deed had been browsed through the data was saved. Once data was saved the next mortgage/deed was displayed.

All the functionality was through hot keys and there was no need for the use of a mouse. This increased productivity considerably.

Building the right software for the entry was a key aspect for successful completion of the project. The project was completed within schedule, with the desired accuracy and we had one happy client!

CyberData India, established in 1996, offers data entry solutions. We have worked on several projects which required us to enter data off forms both printed and handwritten. These could be in English or non-English as long as they used the Roman font.

We consult with each of our customer’s prior to project inception in order to provide them with a cost effective strategy. We provide unique solutions to suit every customer’s needs. Partnering with our expertise in information management will allow you to concentrate on your core business, eliminate processing overhead and provide your company with results from a proven document processing company.

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