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Fountain Quail to be Featured at Global Shale Gas Summit Conference attendees will hear from COO, tour state-of-the-art facilities

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 06:10 EDT

DALLAS, TX (October 21, 2010) – When hundreds of the world’s top oil and gas professionals gather here next week to share best practices and leading-edge water management technologies associated with shale gas production, they’ll also be treated to a first-hand look at state-of-the-art wastewater recycling operations refined over the past six years in the Barnett Shale.

Fountain Quail Water Management (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aqua-Pure Ventures, Inc., of Calgary, Canada (TSXV: AQE), has agreed to host a private tour of its Maggie Spain water treatment facility in northeast Fort Worth on October 27, for attendees of the Global Shale Gas Water Management Initiative 2010.  The next day, Brent Halldorson, the company’s chief operating officer, will speak at the conference during a session on water disposal and treatment technologies.

Since 2004, Fountain Quail has developed and refined its industry-leading technology for recycling flowback and produced water in North Texas.  During that time, the company has recycled more than 600 million gallons of wastewater in the Barnett Shale.  The treated water, which would otherwise have been injected into disposal wells and permanently removed from the hydrological cycle, is instead re-used in drilling operations.

The cutting-edge technology is now being deployed in the Marcellus Shale, at Eureka Resources’ water treatment facility in Williamsport, PA.  Fountain Quail’s NOMAD units are now recycling up to 300,000 gallons of wastewater every day from customers that include Range Resources, XTO Energy and Chesapeake Energy.

“We look forward to hosting the industry at our facilities in the Barnett, where we pioneered our NOMAD evaporator technology for use in shale gas plays,” said Halldorson.  “We’re proud of the important work we’re doing here to provide cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to wastewater disposal, which we’ve recently introduced in the Marcellus as well.” 

Halldorson will participate in the 12:10 pm session on Thursday, Oct. 28, on “Water Disposal: Technology Focus,” which will include a detailed exposition of available alternatives in water disposal and pre-disposal treatment technologies.  Halldorson recently addressed the Global Unconventional Gas Conference in Amsterdam in June, and the IPEC Conference in San Antonio in September. 

“We’re getting a lot of positive attention and interest because our recycling technology is achieving results that many industry experts thought were impossible,” said Halldorson.  “Our evaporators are capable of producing pure distilled water, regardless of the feed composition.  The only difference is in our recovery rates.”

Fountain Quail is averaging 80-85% recovery in the Barnett, 75% in the Marcellus, and targeting 95% in the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas.  

Fountain Quail is the only company with a long-term operating permit from the Railroad Commission of Texas for recycling Barnett Shale wastewater.  It has never had a single complaint or regulatory issue since it began operations in Texas in 2004.  The company has also secured the first and only NPDES permit in Arkansas that allows discharge of treated Fayetteville Shale flowback and produced water into state waters.  Fountain Quail is currently preparing to move three NOMAD evaporators to Arkansas.

About Fountain Quail Water Management
Fountain Quail Water Management ( strives to provide low-cost, practical recycling alternatives for shale gas producers.  The company is the global leader in recycling shale gas flowback and produced water into fresh water for re-use.  Fountain Quail is wholly-owned by Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc. and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

About Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc.
Aqua-Pure ( is a leading provider of municipal and oil and gas exploration and development wastewater services and technology solutions that ensure environmental sustainability through utilization of patented and proprietary technologies. The corporation’s common shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol "AQE."

About The Summit
The Global Shale Gas Water Management Initiative 2010, scheduled for Oct. 28-29, is the only event on the global market which provides a comprehensive toolkit of cost-effective water management solutions to shale gas operators industry-wide. Water sourcing, disposal, treatment and recycling will be targeted from four perspectives to provide maximum industry impact: strategic, technological, regulatory and case-study based learning. The summit will specifically target all the key challenges of water management as well as critical spin-off issues such as air emission mitigation and spill avoidance and contingency.

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