Free Phone Apps Expands to the Platforms that Matter Most

Press Release   •   Oct 05, 2010 01:08 EDT

LOCATION - September 30, 2010 - Mobile phones have evolved considerably throughout the years as manufacturers get creative in implementing new features to these phones to increase their usability and overall value. To make good use of the hardware, the software end had to evolve as well and one of the biggest breakthroughs in software is their flexibility. The open-ended nature of these mobile operating systems allowed developers to tap into a new market, which is the mobile applications market. Thousands of applications have found their ways to the popular platforms of 2010 but there is no organized means of accessing them. Free phone apps is a new website that aims to bring these applications into a single site so users can quickly find the applications that they need.

The site conveniently organizes the applications into categories with the main focus being the different mobile operating systems that each of the most popular devices use. This means that the iOS applications that the iPhone and iPad use have their own categories. Clicking on any of the iPhone related links will lead to articles about these applications along with some links to the popular apps. An Android section is there as well which is intended for users who use phones that have Google's open-source operating system. This section features more sub-categories that lead to applications that are compatible with certain handsets like the Droid models and other Motorola units as well as applications for certain mobile networks like Verizon. Applications for the Blackberry Storm and several models that are powered by Windows Mobile are present too.

There are also some general categories that cover the rest of the phones since ordinary phones and other specific phones like the Sanyo Incognito are capable of running third-party free phone apps. Other categories focus on a theme rather than a platform. For instance, one category shows related information on the spy applications. Compared to the other sites out there, the site mainly concentrates on the applications that are free.

The site's home page features some relevant information regarding the mobile world. There are several articles that focus on different tips and tricks in making the most out of your mobile unit's capabilities including their customization potential. From ring tones to serious communication tutorials, free phone apps aims to grow and contribute by giving out the latest information, news, and tidbits.

The latest related news is accessible on the bottom of the home page which actually retrieves news articles from other known technology sites including infoZone, Scientific American, and CIO Update. Using these sites, the content of the home page remains fresh.

Those that wish to get a better view of all the categories can use the sitemap feature on the bottom of the page. This shows a hierarchical structure of the entire site where visitors can check out any article or free phone app overview from a single page. Viewing this page shows how much content the site really has and its direction towards improving the content.

The webmaster plans to develop the site even further by populating the links page with recommended links related to free phone apps. Interested people that wish to see the site can visit The bottom part of the page also features a contact link where visitors can keep in touch with the webmaster. It is expected for this site to reach out even further as new mobile technologies and software develop.