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Press Release   •   Mar 15, 2012 07:09 EDT

There are a bunch of very successful traders who manage to do all their business through the internet and therefore online. They usually are in the unique position of having no logistics hassles whatever. Just about all other businesses in one way or another have logistical problems to solve. Whether it is getting goods from a supplier or dispatching products from your own premises to customers there is an element of planning and cost that has to be considered.

Firstly let us consider the inbound goods. It matters not whether you are a small retailer, a wholesaler or a manufacturing factory you need to ensure that your supply chain logistic solutions are solid. A retailer who does not have goods on his shelf cannot sell them and his customers will rapidly go elsewhere and they have lost that sale. The same applies to the wholesaler but in a more devastating fashion. If the mom and pop shop that buys from your wholesaler needs sugar, cigarettes and cans of baked beans and he comes to the premises and can't find all the items he needs he will go to a rival and now you have potentially lost him forever.

A great deal of theory and writing has gone into the "Just in time" supply chain practice and when it works it can and does save a fortune as the factories inventory is kept to a minimum. But if there is any glitch in the supply chain JIT becomes JTL (Just too late) and potentially an entire production line can stop thus wiping out masses of the savings made.

Thus a firm of consultants; Rock Solid Business Solutions offer a very thorough audit of the supply chain to ensure that the potential waste and delays are highlighted and then they will spend some time ensuring that some better solutions are designed, found and implemented to reflect savings on the bottom line.

This is equally true with outbound goods. Are you certain that your delivery trucks and the various other shipping methods used are the optimal? Rock Solid assists to design custom made freight transportation management solutions specifically for each and every client. Each client has their own unique concerns and it is only by a complete investigation combined with their knowledge and experience of freight technology services that help their clients navigate the many pitfalls and potential minefields along the path.

In their experience one of the greatest shortcomings is always communication. They will always see to it that systems are set up to ensure that straightforward and clear communication lines are set up.

Rock Solid ensures that the most cost effective methods are being used for both the supply chain as well as outbound freight. The potential for economies in this area are enormous.

They design a Dashboard which allows the logistics management to always see at a glance the status of the key indicators. They also assist with isolating those points from which the best data can be captured allowing the entire Logistics operation control.

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Rock Solid is in business to offer clients solutions to improve their existing freight transportation management solutions as well as to guide new clients in setting up successful supply chain logistic solutions.