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Frontier Pharma: Asthma Therapeutics - Cytokine and Kinase Targeted Small Molecules and mAbs Increase Pipeline Diversity and Dominate First-in-Class Innovation

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2016 05:23 EST

Asthma is a chronic condition affecting the respiratory system, with disease occurrence linked to both genetic and environmental factors. It has significant global incidence and there is currently no cure. Pharmacotherapeutic intervention aims to provide patients with an increased level of disease control and reduce the severity of symptoms, and a number of inhalational therapeutic options are available. Current asthma treatment options are able to provide the majority of patients with a sufficient level of disease control. Additionally, scientific advancements through the development of combination and add-on therapeutics have provided patients with treatments that allow for a greater level of disease control. However, unmet need remains, in the form of patients that do not respond well to current therapeutics or therapeutic combinations. This group of patients accounts for the vast majority of global healthcare costs associated with asthma. Pipeline product development aims to improve upon current therapeutic options and provide options for satisfactory disease control to patients with unmet needs. This is reflected in the high number of products in development, with 287 pipeline products, accounting for just over a third of products within the broader respiratory therapy area pipeline. There are a total of 93 first-in-class pipeline products in development for asthma, representing a substantial 44% of the 212 pipeline products for which there is a disclosed molecular target. A number of these first-in-class pipeline programs appear to have significant potential to strengthen the asthma treatment landscape – as well as representing promising commercial opportunities. A large number of first-in-class products in the current asthma pipeline have not previously been involved in licensing or co-development deals. This highlights the significant opportunities in the asthma pipeline, and the many possibilities for high-risk, high-reward investment.

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  • Analysis of innovation in the asthma market in the context of the overall pipeline and current market landscape – also includes analysis of the deals landscape surrounding first-in-class products in asthma, and highlights opportunities for in-licensing
  • A brief introduction to asthma, including symptoms, pathophysiology, and an overview of pharmacotherapy
  • The changing molecular target landscape between the market and the pipeline, and particular focal points of innovation in the pipeline
  • Comprehensive review of the pipeline for first-in-class therapies, analyzed on the basis of stage of development, molecule type and molecular target
  • Identification and assessment of first-in-class molecular targets, with a particular focus on early-stage programs for which clinical utility has yet to be evaluated, as well as literature reviews on novel molecular targets
  • Assessment of the licensing and co-development deal landscape for asthma therapies, and benchmarking of deals involving first-in-class versus non-first-in-class-products

Reasons to buy

  • Understand the current clinical and commercial landscape by considering disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis, and the treatment strategies currently available.
  • Visualize the composition of the asthma market in terms of the dominant classes of therapies. Unmet needs are highlighted to allow a competitive understanding of current gaps in the market.
  • Analyze the asthma pipeline and stratify pipeline therapies by stage of development, molecule type and molecular target. There are signs in the pipeline that the industry is seeking novel approaches to meet unmet needs within asthma.
  • Assess the therapeutic potential of first-in-class targets. Using a proprietary matrix, first-in-class products have been assessed and ranked according to clinical potential. Promising early-stage targets have been further reviewed in greater detail.
  • Identify commercial opportunities in the asthma deals landscape by analyzing trends in licensing and co-development deals and assessing asthma therapies that are not yet involved in deals, and may be potential investment opportunities.

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Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2

1.1 List of Tables 3

1.2 List of Figures 3

2 Executive Summary 5

2.1 Biologics and mAbs Growing in Prominence in Asthma Treatment 5

2.2 Market Landscape to Grow in Diversity over Coming Years 5

2.3 Cytokine and Kinase Targeted Small Molecules and mAbs Dominate First-in-Class Innovation 5

2.4 Deals Landscape Offers Significant Investment Opportunities for First-in-Class Products 5

3 The Case for Innovation in the Asthma Market 6

3.1 Growing Number of Opportunities for Biologic Products 7

3.2 Diversification of Molecular Targets 7

3.3 Innovative First-in-Class Product Developments Remain Attractive 7

3.4 Changes in Clinical and Commercial Environment to be More Favorable to Products Targeting Niche Patient Populations and Indications 8

3.5 Sustained Innovation 8

3.6 GBI Research Report Guidance 9

4 Clinical and Commercial Landscape 10

4.1 Disease Overview 10

4.2 Epidemiology 10

4.3 Etiology 11

4.4 Pathophysiology 11

4.5 Disease Symptoms 12

4.6 Diagnosis 12

4.6.1 Disease Prgnosis 13

4.6.2 Assessment of Disease Severity 13

4.7 Treatment 15

4.7.1 Quick-Relief Medication 15

4.7.2 ICSs for the Maintenance Treatment of Asthma 16

4.7.3 ICS/LABA Combination Therapy for the Maintenance Treatment of Asthma 16

4.7.4 Add-on Therapies to ICS or ICS/LABA Therapies for the Maintenance Treatment of Asthma 17

4.7.5 Treatment Algorithm 18

5 Assessment of Pipeline Product Innovation 23

5.1 Asthma Pipeline by Molecule Type, Stage of Development and Molecular Target 23

5.2 Comparative Distribution of Programs between the Asthma Market and Pipeline by Molecular Target 29

5.3 First-in-Class Pipeline Programs Targeting Novel Molecular Targets 29 is the most comprehensive collection of market research reports. MarketResearchReports.Biz services are specially designed to save time and money for our clients. We are a one stop solution for all your research needs, our main offerings are syndicated research reports, custom research, subscription access and consulting services. We serve all sizes and types of companies spanning across various industries.