Dee Cohen

Funding For Booklet Distribution Enables Students To Gain Tools For Controlling Difficult Emotions

Press Release   •   Nov 20, 2010 10:50 EST

With the help of a generous spiritual foundation from New York City, Dee Cohen, a licensed social worker, has been given the opportunity to distribute several hundred of her stress reduction booklets titled, “How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations” around South Florida to schools, youth centers and other settings. These booklets incorporate tips from psychology, meditation, yoga and other techniques to help manage anger and negative emotions which are often a very destructive force in people’s lives.

Cohen is a licensed social worker as well as a certified yoga teacher, helping those who have problems with stress in their lives to overcome and transcend these issues. Her stress reduction tips consist of a number of breathing techniques, mental exercises to increase gratitude and physical stretches to stop the body from tightening. She has been practicing as a social worker for over twenty five years as well as continues to train and teach yoga. According to Dee Cohen, “If a child can learn from an early age that there are ways to dissipate daily frustrations and tensions, someone can have a new perspective and not carry anger and depressed feelings when faced with a challenging situation.”

Dee Cohen is making an effort to spread the word when it comes to helping children and young adults deal with emotional problems that affect their everyday lives. Because of the funds she has been given, she hopes that students will be able to have opportunities to review the tips and incorporate them in settings at school, family and under peer pressure.

The more donations that are received, the wider this message can be spread to different areas of the state, including counties which are particularly in need of reading materials and support for troubled youth. Organizations and individuals that would like to have a hand in making a difference in this way are encouraged to contact Dee Cohen at her website . Schools and centers that can benefit from this booklet distribution are also requested to reach Ms. Cohen.

Dee Cohen notes, “Kids enjoy breathing exercises and learn very quickly how to apply healthy techniques that can reduce responses such as anger, sadness and discouragement.They have fun with yoga poses and learn easily they can change their perspective.”There have been many recent reports in the local news on bullying, cutting oneself due to internal stress and poor anger management. During the past year there were at least two incidents in South Florida high schools that made headlines for students requiring hospitalizations from beatings by other students. Both organizations in need of these booklets as well as additional donors for distribution are encouraged to visit the website to contact the author for further information.

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