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The cost of space in privately or publicly owned buildings used for the benefit of the program is allowable subject to the conditions stated below:

* The total cost of space may not exceed the rental cost of comparable space and facilities in a privately owned building in the same locality.
* The cost of space procured for program usage may not be charged to the program for periods of nonoccupancy without authorization of the Federal awarding agency.

1. Rental Cost. The rental cost of space in a privately owned building is allowable. Rent cannot be paid if the building is owned by the grantee or if the grantee has a financial interest in the property. However, the cost of ownership is an allowable expense. Similar costs for a publicly owned building are allowable where "rental rate" systems, or equivalent systems that adequately reflect actual costs, are employed.

Such charges must be determined on the basis of actual cost (including depreciation based on the useful life of the building, operation and maintenance, and other allowable costs). Where these costs are included in rental charges, they may not be charged elsewhere. No costs will be included for purchases or construction that was originally financed by the Federal Government.
2. Maintenance and Operation. The cost of utilities, insurance, security, janitorial services, elevator service, upkeep of grounds, normal repairs and maintenance, and the like are allowable to the extent they are not otherwise included in rental or other charges for space.
3. Rearrangements and Alterations. Costs incurred for rearrangement and alteration of facilities required specifically for the award program, or those that materially increase the value or useful life of the facility, are allowable when specifically approved by the awarding agency.
4. Depreciation and Use Allowances on Publicly Owned Buildings. Depreciation or a use allowance on idle or excess facilities is NOT ALLOWABLE, except when specifically authorized by the Federal awarding agency.
5. Occupancy of Space Under Rental-Purchase or a Lease with Option-to-Purchase Agreement. The cost of space procured under such arrangements is allowable when specifically approved by the awarding agency. This type of arrangement may require application of special matching share requirements under construction programs.

Printing shall be construed to include and apply to the process of composition, platemaking, presswork, binding, and microfilm; the equipment, as classified in the tables in Title II of the Government Printing and Binding Regulations, published by the Joint Committee on Printing, Congress of the United States, and as used in such processes; or the end items produced by such processes and equipment. Pursuant to the Government Printing and Binding Regulations, no project may be awarded primarily or substantially for the purpose of having material printed for the awarding agency. The Government Printing and Binding Regulations allow:

1. Issuance. The issuance of a project for the support of non-Government publications, provided such projects were issued pursuant to an authorization of law, and were not made primarily or substantially for the purpose of having material printed for the awarding agency.
2. Publications by Recipients/Subrecipients. The publication of findings by recipients/subrecipients within the terms of their project provided such publication is not primarily or substantially for the purpose of having such findings printed for the awarding agency.

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