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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking Seems Bright with Critical Customer-facing and Back-office Implementations

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2017 06:56 EDT

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) in banking has been radically and squarely thrown light upon in a 35-page market intelligence report added by The report has carried the title, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking.” This brief yet conclusive account has elaborately examined the most vital applications of AI in both back office and front office implementations in retail banking. One of the key reasons that the report has been recommended by the authors for purchase is that buyers will be able to determine the areas where AI could have the most impact upon the delivery of banking services.

Another reason that could put forth the report as a good purchase for companies concerned about the future of AI is that it explains how competitors are implementing the technology to better customer profitability and outcomes. Furthermore, companies could be able to gauge issues that are needed to be resolved with a view to ensure a successful launch of AI-based services. The report has also offered a deep insight into specific appearances of AI that carry a larger applicability in the banking domain. It has shed light on the manner top banking organizations have already been introducing AI-based solutions. Moreover, it has explained the important factors that banking organizations need to look into when implementing AI applications.

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Today, AI has reached the phase where it has been adequately reasonable and forward-looking for guaranteeing its practical execution in financial services. In this regard, it has been evident that banking organizations have been extensively exploring ways to control the power of AI for enhancing customer experience and streamlining internal processes. Besides assessing the areas where AI is making a difference, the analysts have discovered applications that have been holding quite some relevance in the banking sector at this point of time. Additionally, the report has come up with recommendations on the ways banks should proceed.
With a broad scope of technologies including image analytics, advanced data analytics, natural language processing, and robotic process automation at its disposal, AI could assist banking organizations in several ways. Some of the crucial customer-facing applications of AI are anticipated to include facial recognition, advanced analytics providing proactive advice, and chatbots. In back office applications, AI could be used for the reports of non-conventional data to examine the creditworthiness of borrowers without standard credit records. Incidences of money laundering and fraud could also be avoided or identified with the employment of algorithms in AI implementations.
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At the end of the report, the analysts have provided some useful ideas for implementing AI. These include planning for potential execution risks, partnering with fintech specialists, and improving the quality of data. Buyers have been expected to gain significantly from such findings of the report.