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Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2018 03:50 EST

Are you looking for all the information about the “Swords of Chult” Well then you absolutely clicked the right article! Down below we list all aspects of the mid-module update and point you to related articles for further reading. Have fun with it!Rush to buy neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox one with 3x reward point to enjoy Swords of Chult

Random Queues

Probably the biggest change to PVE in Swords of Chult is that daily Astral Diamonds generation is relocated to a new system called “random queues”.?It features five categories that contain several of the existing dungeons, trials and skirmishes. By selecting one of the random queues, a group or player will be matched into a random run of that category.?A major daily reward is attached to the first completion of each category, and minor ones for any repetition. Typically this should be tanks or healers. Groups also receive bonus AD when carrying a new player through a dungeon.

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Refining Changes

The refining system receives a pretty massive overhaul as well. Refining Points are now a character currency and you can convert all refining stones into it. That currency is then used to feed all refining items. With that change the old flaws of clogging up your inventory and having to wait for a x2 RP event to be most effective are being dealt with.

The system is getting majorly streamlined. But in case you still feel overwhelmed, we have gone through every area of refining and detailed the changes.

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Bonding Nerfs and New Enchantment Ranks

Refining might get easier, but the way to the top longer. The devs decided to not only bring Bonding Runestones down to earth but to also add additional ranks to all gems. Getting to the new Rank 14 and Unparalleled Enchantments is quite a pain and substantially harder to achieve than the former Rank 12s.

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Patronage System

While you are working to get your mains to the new heights, it becomes substantially easier to catch up with alts. The reason is a new Patronage system that lets players craft so called “signet tokens” with campaign currency that bind to the account. When consumed by a character they cut most tasks of a specific campaign in half. It’s not equally helpful in all campaigns, but?overall the speed of alt advancement should noticeably go up.

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PVP Updates

The PVP crowd in the meantime can rejoice! The devs finally did something for the game mode! Swords of Chult is going to feature permanent solo queues and gets rid of Tenacity on armor sets. Overall transitioning between PVP and PVE should be much easier. A little bit more controversial is the change to control powers. Diminishing returns are added to them, which could render them nearly useless and cutting into build diversity. Any news is good news for PVP and we’ll see whether this can revitalize the game mode!

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Merchant Prince’s Folly Skirmish

The only relevant PVE gameplay addition is a new skirmish called “Merchant Prince’s Folly”. It?is pretty easy to complete and even undergeared groups shouldn’t run into too much trouble. It’s main purpose is to provide another avenue to campaign currency, but also brings some unique rewards with it.

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Lockbox of the Lost and Other Premium Items

The new Lockbox of the Lost is a real beauty! Not only have most packs inside it been upgraded and drop stuff for the new refining progression, but the legendary prize also comes with a new passenger feature! The update as always features new colored giveaway mounts, Striders this time, and ZEN store additions. The Mysterious Merchant inside Strongholds also has extended its wares.

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