Gamescom 2015 WOW Legion Dev Talk Features Flying, Dalaran Area & More

Press Release   •   Aug 11, 2015 05:52 EDT

Last week, World of Warcraft new expansion – Legion was announced at Gamescom 2015, at the mean time Safewow has also provided a summary of six features revealed for the new expansion. Soon after that, you can learn more about the expansion as the Gamescom 2015 dev talk was held on August and featured flying, new zone Dalaran, artifact and more contents for Legion.

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Players can start to work towards flying once Legion releases

With a new area and a new continent, players would want to know if they can fly throughout the Broken Isles. The answer from livestreamed dev talk was yes. The fact told that Warlords was good in the way flying was introduced, so that players will eventually get to fly in new content, not right away, though. Ion Hazzikostas told that they are striving to reach the goal that starting in 7.0, the first steps will be available to start to work towards flying in Legion. Can’t wait to have a try? Well, the earliest date when new expansion releases is supposed to be in next year. Thus, you would better to achieve and complete the content to fly in Warlords, and to easily get what you want, tips about how to use flying in Warlords of Draenor on Safewow would be helpful.

Illidan would be hero that on your side in new expansion

As it was shown, Gul’dan was pretty happy to see Illidan. Yes, the reason is that Gul’dan is under orders with plans to fulfill and Illidan is an important part of those plans. Besides, Illidan will be a guy that on players’ side in World of Warcraft: Legion. It is interesting that if there will be some resentment from Illidan as players tried to kill him before and now find him to help. The dev talk indicated that Illidan would potentially be pissed of what happened in the past. However, everything remains in mystery now. How he’s gonna react won’t be unfolded until the release of the expansion.

Dalaran is moving to the Broken Isles with some updates

The new zones Dalaran is conceptually moving from Northrend to Broken Isles, but the old Dalaran will be there. Thus, players there still have the leveling up from 70 to 80. But the Broken Isles is conceptually the same Dalaran that provides the same nostalgia. What make it different is that there have been some layout updates, art updates, texture updates etc.

It is not multiplicative effort to maintain multiple artifacts

As Safewow introduced before, each character can own a class-specific weapon that grows in power with its owner to unlock abilities and traits. Basically, the artifacts are your companion - You will claim your artifact and build it up when you start out. You have 2 upgrade paths - the weapon talents, and the actual stats like weapon damage, spellpower, other traits etc. These drop as relics, which replace the traditional weapon drop to socket into your artifact. There may be some early weapon drops as a catch up. Mythic, for example, will drop more powerful relics.
For dual spec, you’ll start out with just one Artifact, but shortly after you can get the others for your dual specs if you want. They hope to add some catchup mechanics for those secondary specs to make it easier to do all three of them at the same speed. Relics, however, will need to be looted for each weapon.

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