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Garage Organization Just Got Easier with New Company's Amazing Storage Units

Press Release   •   Sep 04, 2010 02:47 EDT

South Beloit, IL - August 30, 2010 - Most people think of their garage with a sense of creeping dread, knowing how disorganized, dusty and packed it is. The typical American garage today has a lot more than the family cars parked in it, and many garages in the US today are so packed with family junk that they can't be used to park a car in. When the design team behind RedLine Garage Gear set to work on their latest line of garage storage cabinets, they went far beyond the typical to create an entirely new and far safer way to organize to make use of the full utility it is capable of offering. From slimline cabinets to overhead storage to full workbench and cabinet solutions, Redline Garage Gear is a cut above for the home owner that wants to not only have a more useful garage, but a valuable asset to their home which instantly raises property values.

In today's world, the green movement is a big part of the world's future and Americans are looking for ways to maximize not just energy they consume, but the space they inhabit. With the RedLine Garage Gear from Greenberg Casework Company, Inc. a home owner can maximize space in their home while enjoying the rugged, secure construction that Garage Gear provides them with.

Professional installation is offered for those homeowners that prefer it so that all the shelves, cabinets and work space surfaces they want are put in place in a way that ensures they maximize their purchase. Unlike other companies which offer generic storage units that will fit into a garage, RedLine Garage Gear is specifically designed to dovetail flawlessly into any type of home garage. Their durable and attractive powder coats that finish all the exteriors of the storage space and work surfaces help them remain easy clean up and never chips, dents, peels or rusts. A Lifetime Warranty comes with each order, so home owners know they have the best on their side when it comes to garage cabinets.

With over 300 choices in exactly the kind of garage storage customers would like to have, RedLine Garage Gear leads the industry by proving a superior solution built to last that comes in a home owner's choice of colors to blend into the design scheme of any house.

Those interested in learning more about RedLine Garage Gear should visit the Illinois company at their website, where they can learn more about which solution could work best for their home needs.

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