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Press Release   •   Jun 12, 2017 22:24 EDT

Hey guys, today we are rs gold sharing with you a simple guide on how to get through the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini quest. As well as people looking to buy Old School Runescape Gold, we have had a few people talk about this quest as well.

Step 1: Before you start this it is important to note that you will need 268 GP. To start the quest go to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to the guard. He will give you your Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl card.

Step 2: This is a very simple quest and all you need to do is go to the following bars and buy a drink.

Blurberry's Bar

Drink: Fire Toad Blast (10 gp)

Forester's Arms

Drink: Liverbane (18 gp)

Flying Horse Inn

Drink: Heart Stopper (8 gp)

Dragon Inn

Drink: Fire Brandy (12 gp)

Dead Man's Chest

Drink: Old Supergrog (15 gp, but you also need 30 gp for the boat ride to the island)

Karamja Spirits Bar

Drink: Ape Bite Liquor (7 gp)

Rusty Anchor Inn

Drink: Black Skull Ale (8 gp, but you also need 40 gp for the boat ride to Port Sarim)

Jolly Boar Inn

Drink: Olde Suspicious (10 gp)

Blue Moon Inn

Drink: Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot (50 gp)

Rising Sun Inn

Drink: Hand of Death Cocktail (70 gp)

It is a very simple quest to do and most of your time is spent walking around looking for the different bars. The good folks at, RuneHQ have actually made a handy little map showing where the different bars are which makes The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini quest even easier.

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