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Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2017 23:36 EDT

Swtor Update 5.4 is coming to release tomorrow! We believe that all players feel excited about that and couldn’t wait for all of the new contents in Swtor 5.4. On August 18 Bioware has published a new blog detailing the gameplay and rewards you can get from Crisis on Umbara flashpoint coming with Game Update 5.4.

SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Requirements

Your access to the ‘Crisis on Umbara’ Flashpoint will vary depending on your character level and the difficulty level you wish to play. Here are the requirements to access each mode of the Flashpoint:
1. Story Mode – You must have a level 70 character which has completed the War for Iokath storyline. You can grab the Mission for this Flashpoint from your ship terminal.?
2. Story Mode (repeatable) – You must have a level 70 character. You can access this mode through Group Finder.
3. Veteran Mode – Any character whose level is between 15-70 may queue for this Flashpoint through Group Finder. Characters from 15-69 will be bolstered to the appropriate power level.
4. Master Mode – Only level 70 characters. If you queue for the Flashpoint through Group Finder, your character must have an average item rating of 242 or higher. Any pre-made 4-player group can simply zone into the Flashpoint regardless of item rating.?

What are SWTOR Crisis on Umbara rewards?

The huge reward dangling before players for this flashpoint is a new Stronghold, the ‘Umbara Mobile Base’!?
First you should reap Alliance Recon Data by running and completing the flashpoint on any difficulty. You will earn more data for completing the Flashpoint on higher difficulties. Then this data can be turned into a vendor for various rewards including crafting schematics, an armor set, a mount, and the keys to purchase the new Stronghold. Once you have the key, you will be able to go to a new room in the Alliance HQ on Odessen and purchase the Stronghold as you normally would with credits or Cartel Coins.
Umbara Stronghold is the most unique stronghold yet, as you will be able to decorate your own moving train. It will be very interesting and attractive to Swtor players.

SWTOR Crisis on Umbara has different modes, so you can choose the suitable one depending on your level to get the new Umbara Stronghold rewards. Get ready to jump aboard in Swtor Update 5.4 on August 22nd! Swtor2credits is always the right place for you to buy credits swtor.

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