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Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2010 07:34 EST

San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, 11.26.2010 – Hair Transplants have gained much popularity in recent times. With newly developed and advanced techniques in hair transplants people find it more effective and safer than in the past. NewlookMD with their systematic planning and procedures has made a remarkable trail in hair restoration surgery.

When we see the trends today, pinpoint hair restoration is the most effective and best solution available. At NewlookMD amazing results have been achieved with this technique. There are many compelling factors that make hair restoration in San Fernando Valley very successful with NewLookMD. Pinpoint hair restoration San Fernando Valley technique ensures a permanent and natural restoration of hair. This procedure uses the donor supply most efficiently and gives the most natural hair look. The results are enormously effective for the patients regardless of the age or degree of hair loss.

A complete and comprehensive evaluation is another attraction of hair restoration at New Look MD. The hair transplant surgeon makes an assessment of several factors to properly develop any long-term surgical plan which includes family hair loss history, patient hair loss history, donor area density and measurements. Before a patient goes through the surgery there is a strict procedure they have to go through. The NewLookMD surgeon reviews the hair transplant goals of the patients. He checks their primary hair loss concerns and hair transplant expectations.

The surgery process is a very safe one. Seamless closure techniques ensure proper healing which is minimally invasive and the incision is very hard to detect. A strict minimum of the damages to the natural follicular units are assured with microscope and backlight magnification. NewlookMD surgeons give the maximum density that’s medically safe for their patients so they won’t have to return often. This generates impeccably natural results from a San Fernando Valley hair restoration. Others will not be able to detect that the patient has a hair transplant.

About is the official website of New Look MD Hair Restoration Specialists. They are renowned for its medical breakthrough in hair transplant surgery. NewlookMD hair restoration San Fernando Valley offers the most effective hair restoration surgery and hair loss treatment to hair loss patients. There are branches of this clinic in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Irvine, San Fernando Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, California to facilitates patients in different areas.

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