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Press release   •   May 28, 2019 00:52 EDT

Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys is one of the most well known personal injury law firm located in the Tacoma area of Washington. The law firm offers some very interesting and unique service that can hardly be found in any other similar law firm. Here we will discuss why this law firm is unique and how it differs from another similar law firm.

Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys law firm is actually a family-owned law firm run by three brothers all of whom are attorneys by profession. The service offered by the law firm is unique in the sense that they offer a completely 'Free Case Evaluation' service to its prospective clients. Whenever a client contacts them and asks them for help they don't take up the case straight away. They first offer a 'Free Case Evaluation' and thereby help the client in getting a better understanding of the case. Therefore the client gets a clear understanding of the merit of the case and all possible options. The entire process helps the client to take a final call regarding whether or not they should hire the law firm to fight their case.

Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys law firm always tries to maintain certain ethics and therefore their endeavor is to maintain complete honesty and integrity in their work. It is this moral and ethics that has led to the innovation of this unique service i.e 'Free Case Evaluation.' The primary objective of this service is to make the client understand each and every pros and con of case so that they could decide whether or not to hand over the case to the law firm. Moreover, if the law firm believes that the case is beyond their capacity and too critical for them to handle they tell that to the client unambiguously. Therefore they don't take up any case which they find too critical to handle. Thus the law firm always tries to maintain complete honesty and integrity in their work.

The Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys law firm believes that ethics, morality, honesty, and integrity is the main 'USP' of their business and therefore they have never ever compromised with them in their career. Ever since its inception, they have been running this business with complete honesty and integrity. Therefore all the clients who have so far worked with them have praised them for that. They have also expressed their satisfaction with the kind of support that they have received from the law firm.

Each and every detail of the law firm including the profiles of the lawyers and customer testimonials are available on the company website i.e Therefore those who are interested to learn more about the law firm should visit their website. They can also contact them by mail or phone as well.

Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys is family owned law firm of top
rated personal injury attorneys. The Ladenburg name has become
synonymous with justice in the Puget Sound region. For several decades
they have been helping victims of car accidents, medical malpractice,
and other serious injuries put their lives back together. By focusing
the legal expertise only on injury claims, the Ladenburg lawyers have
been able to obtain excellent result for clients. It is no surprise
that many doctors, judges, and other lawyers refer their family and
friends to Ladenburg Law after an injury.

Based in Tacoma, Washington since 1974 the Ladenburg lawyers
have deep roots to the local community. As a family owned business,
they share the same values as their clients. They provide the level of
service to each client as though they were a member of their family.
Ladenburg Law's connection to their clients and community allows them
to understand what is important to each client. Meeting each client
goal is the also the goal of Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys.

Technology has allowed Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys to
provide the same level of service to clients throughout Washington
State. With their state of the art software, each client is provided
with unique access to their attorney included a case specific text
number and email address. Each client can easily and confidential
communicate with a Ladenburg lawyer with the touch of a button on
their smart phone or computer. Now clients in Seattle, Olympia,
Bremerton, Yakima, Spokane, and the rest of Washington can benefit
from having top level service from the top rated personal injury
attorneys at Ladenburg Law.