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Press release   •   Apr 08, 2016 04:15 EDT

Hello, all Neverwinter fans! There comes news that the Maze Engine is coming to Xbox One on May 3. There are Dungeons and Epic Dungeons, a second demon master, the Mount System with a revamp, and many other changes have stepped into Neverwinter. Players can delve into new exciting environments with breathtaking new gameplay mechanics.

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First view of updates in the Maze Engine

1. Revisited dungeons are introduced.
A number of dungeons have returned in all their glory including Cloak Tower, Pirate King’s Retreat, Frozen Heart, and Caverns of Karrundax. Besides, players now can explore Dungeons and Epic Dungeons. Only 3-person teams can play all dungeons. Epic dungeons are available once players reach level 70 and they all require 5-person teams with class requirements.
2. The Maze Engine campaign is created and many wondrous rewards are introduced.
The Maze Engine campaign with a variety of directed story quests and repeatable quests can help players tell the story of the expansion. Players can begin the campaign at level 60, and its difficulty and rewards will scale up to level 70. The campaign will provide new boons and rewarded experience for players to earn. There are new Artifacts, Enchantments, and Gear to enhance experiences alongside players’ favorite heroes of Neverwinter.
3. Some endgame content changes with the coming of the Maze Engine.
The upcoming improvements in the Maze Engine concerning some endgame content include campaigns, Tiamat, and Stronghold Siege.
4. There will be a second demon master and the Mount System with a revamp.
A second demon lord by the name of Orcus has stepped into Neverwinter who lives in Castle Never. He is the Prince of Undeath and has reanimated the dead adventurers and other ghastly beings to serve him as his quest. In addition, there will be a change in the Mount System where players can customize their Mount to their preference.

More changes will be released.

Now it is announced that the Maze Engine is coming to Xbox One on May 3. The full change will be provided successively. Are you curious about it? Just stay tuned on Safewow. We will offer information about it.

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