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Each Delano area, you are in pursuit of a main storyline, the series of tasks which require the entire area around you, meet your war among your characters and their machinations. To get a look at your progress through each chapter area, open the task log (default hotkey: L) and expand the above-mentioned task list button.

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Delano Pathfinder need to complete all the sections of all five district task you send. You will get pundits Delano performance, when you do all of these, if you have not gotten it yet, do not know where to go next, look at your map. There should be a large yellow exclamation point for each area map which indicates that you are waiting for the next major questgiver.

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Before you can fly in Delano 6.2.2, you have to win Pathfinder Delano
Achievement. This is the achievement of a multi-part, it will take some time to complete, so if you have not started yet it is now time to go.

The part one - largely treasure
There are more than 200 treasures scattered in the region constitutes Delano, some of which have sought to play, and five of these are powerful combat pet: CrimsonSpores, fruit hunters, Stonegrinder, Teroclaw larvae, dark Chak and spores.

To comply with Delano Pathfinder, you need to Nagrand, Gorgrond, Shadowmoon Valley, frost Ridge fire, Arak minarets, and Talador robbery least 100 treasures. You will know that you have passed the threshold, when you got the "Master Hunter" achievement.

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