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Get the Facts On California Hit and Run Charges To Protect Your Rights

Press Release   •   Jul 18, 2013 10:22 EDT

Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer, Jonathan Franklin, is pleased to announce that the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin offers legal guidance to those who have been charged with a hit-and-run offense. The laws in the state of California contain a variety of rules that must be obeyed in the event of a hit and run. Failure to obey those rules can lead to serious legal problems.

As an experienced Hollywood Criminal Attorney, Jonathan Franklin wants all drivers to know the rules as they pertain to hit and run accidents and to know that there is legal help available to those who need it.

The basic law concerning hit and run accidents is that anyone who involved in an accident causing damage, whether or not there are injuries, must, by law, stop and share their information with the other person. In the event the driver who hit the other vehicle is not able to locate the owner or driver of the hit vehicle, the first driver must leave a written message on the damaged vehicle and must also file a police report. Failing to do any of the above can lead to a hit and run charge.

As an experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Franklin also wants drivers to understand that even in those hit and run accidents that do not involve injuries drivers can face misdemeanor charges that may result in suspension of the license, fines, and possible time in jail. Those who are involved in hit and run accidents that do result in injuries can face felony charges with much harsher penalties if convicted on those charges. It is therefore important that anyone who is charged with these types of offenses consult with an experienced Hollywood criminal attorney as soon as possible. If alcohol was involved, it is crucial that one charged contact a Los Angels DUI attorney as quickly as possible as a conviction of hit and run, that also includes DUI, can be very serious resulting in long-term penalties.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin also wants those charged with these types of offenses to understand that they are able, under law, to present a strong defense which can include a Los Angeles DUI Attorney to conduct its own investigation. These investigations may be able to show that important facts are not being presented by the prosecution.

In those hit-and-run accidents where alcohol is involved, the issue of intent is important. As an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, Jonathan Franklin can explain why the issue of intent is so crucial to a driver's defense. This goes to the heart of the question of why the driver left the scene of the accident. Was fleeing intentional or did the driver even know an accident had occurred? These are questions that the court will want answered and an experienced, Hollywood criminal attorney can assist those charged to have their responses ready.

As mentioned above, a conviction can lead to loss of license, large fines, and even jail time. For those who wish to schedule a free consultation, contact Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney Jonathan Franklin today.

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