Get Unicorns, Moon Elf Race on Neverwinter Xbox This Week

Press Release   •   Dec 15, 2015 02:25 EST

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Feywild Pack comes to neverwinter xbox one soon

It is high time to prepare for the inevitable battle against Malabog as The Knight of the Feywild Pack is coming to Neverwinter Xbox One. After the maintenance finished around 8:30 AM PST on Dec 15, these special packs will be available on Zen Market at the price of $ 59.99. This pack can only be purchased once, so you won’t want to miss the chance of collecting the unique striders and unicorns! Even though the 600k Neverwinter AD has been removed from this pack, personally, it's still worth the price when unicorn and more goodies are included! Continue to see what rewards you can get from the pack.

What rewards are granted from the Feywild Pack?

Once you buy the pack from Zen Market, all rewards evolved will be automatically delivered to your account. Firstly, you will get some companions, including a playable Moon Elf Race that comes with unique stat bonuses and grants you 10% increased resistance to Crowd Control; a majestic Dawn Unicorn mount with unique visual effects and animations that grants you 110% increased speed; and an offensive Slyph companion that gives your characters a large boost to ability and resist 50% control effects.
Besides, there are also other goodies, including a full set of elven clothing, a Loamweave Enchantment to produce a leafy aura around the enchanted item, a Stone of Earth to transmute and increase your Defense and Deflect stats, an Adventurer’s Helper Pack that contains helpful items to start your adventure, as well as an in-game “Knight of the Feywild” Title. Except the Helper Pack, all above rewards can be used on as many characters as you can if only you have enough slots, so here it is also worth mentioning that this Feywild Pack also grants you an extra character slot so that you can take advantage of these amazing rewards.

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