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Get Your Natural Hair Back with a Hair Transplant Procedure

Press Release   •   Oct 21, 2010 05:46 EDT

Are you beginning to notice that you no longer have the same level of confidence as you did a few years back? Are you concerned about how the public will look at you and think of you because of your hair loss?

You can stop worrying. Don’t even consider spending a fortune on products that promise to restore your hair by taking supplements or using strange-looking and smelling creams on your head. While some of these products may deliver temporary results, they will not be a permanent solution.

The good news is that the medical field has introduced a way to permanently solve your hair loss problem. You can now get a surgical procedure that will give you the benefit of using your own hair to replace your hair loss.

There are several forms of hair transplant surgery. One procedure is the follicular strip grafting. This is the most commonly practiced procedure. The doctor will evaluate the extent of hair loss and examine the areas that still have naturally growing hair. They will place you under local anesthesia and surgically remove a strip of the scalp with healthy follicles. This will then be placed onto the balding area where it will continue to grow.

The second option is the follicular unit extraction. In this procedure, the doctor will harvest individual healthy follicles and transplant them onto the affected area. Both procedures will be able to bring you natural-looking hair since it is your own hair that will be relocated. The only way to find out what kind of procedure is appropriate for you is by setting up an appointment with a hair transplant specialist.

You don’t even have to spend any money to learn more about your options and to learn more details of the procedure from a hair transplant specialist. Many hair surgeons offer free consultations. They will be able to assess the level of your hair loss and present you with your options. An appointment with the surgeon will give you the opportunity to learn more about the hair transplant procedure before making a commitment.

Learn what to expect before, during and after you undergo the procedure. During your consultation, you can also ask the doctor about the recovery process. Each type of procedure may have a different timeframe to recover and you should know about this. Of course, you will also want to ask about the costs of the actual procedure and the doctor’s fees. Ask what the total price will be.

Above all other things, choosing the right surgeon is essential. Meeting with the surgeon will give you the ample preparation before you make a decision. The first thing that you should look for will be their accreditation and license to perform hair surgeries. When you go in for your initial consultation, ask about the experience of the doctor who will be performing the surgery and how long he has been performing hair surgery. A good doctor will be happy to provide you with the answers. He will understand that you want to feel comfortable with the doctor and the procedure – even if you are only undergoing a minor surgery such as a hair transplant.

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