GfK CEE invests in Tobii eye tracking to improve insight into consumer behaviour

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2011 08:48 EST

Tobii Technology, the global market leader in eye tracking, today announces that GfK, one of the largest market research companies in the world, has invested in its entire eye tracking portfolio for package design and shopper research.  Expanding its use of eye tracking technology in Eastern European territories, GfK will be using Tobii Glasses and the Tobii X60 Eye Tracker to perform projection, on-screen and real world studies in lab and shopping environments.

The eye tracking technology will give GfK a much deeper understanding of consumer behavior by revealing what consumers are looking at while they shop and also what they don’t see.  Such information is an important first-step in point of sale visibility for shoppers and gives valuable input for businesses into the design of product packaging, advertising campaigns and promotional activities.

Agnieszka Sora, managing director at GfK Polonia explains: “GfK Group has been using eye tracking technology in the CEE region and worldwide for many years to support shopper expertise and consumer insight.  We are always looking for new technological advancements, tools and solutions that can help us to deliver a faster and improved service to our clients.  In this respect, the new Tobii Glasses eye tracking system supports our business strategy”.

“It’s a great testimonial to Tobii Technology for a leading global player in market research like GfK to have invested significantly in our eye tracking solutions,” said Tom Englund, executive vice president of analysis solutions, Tobii Technology AB.  “GfK is a long-standing Tobii customer across a number of regions including North America and Europe.”

Kai Siewert, regional development director CEE at GfK adds: “We compared several eye tracking systems and chose Tobii systems because of the advanced and innovative technology and the benefits it offers us.  Even at a higher price level than the average we still believe that this is the best choice from a cost vs. benefit perspective”.

Tobii Glasses look and feel like a regular pair of glasses and allow users to walk around freely, making it easier for researchers to create a real-world environment in which to capture user behaviour. This can be while they are browsing shopping environments, using a computer, trying out a new product or reading an advertisement. Being comfortable and lightweight, the glasses have no distracting cameras or mirrors in the field of view nor do they require the user to carry bulky equipment. As a result, the user behaves more naturally giving the data a much higher level of validity.

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