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Ghillie suits: Camouflage Ability at its Best

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2010 05:48 EDT

Panama City Beach, FL 11-10-2010 - Ghillie suit is a type of camouflage suit designed to resemble the heavy flora of the forest. It is a kind of cloth garment with loose strips of cloth or twine which looks like leaves. Ghillie suit are basically required by military personnel, hunters, paintball enthusiasts and for those people who engage themselves in adventurous activities. There are sniper Ghillie suits that are made by using the nylon netting with high tensile strength. The Ghillie suits are available in a combination of separate pants and jackets or as a long jacket style and also are quite light weight.

The main features of Ghillie suits are the nylon netting sewn onto the outside and the synthetic jute thread attached to the netting. The high quality suits are fire resistant, waterproof, odorless and non-allergic. Elastic is sewn into the pants for providing more comfort while wearing. They are bug-resistant as well, which is made possible by usage of some special fabric. Cord locks are attached on all jacket sleeves and pant cuffs. The suit is made out of more than 700 synthetic leaves that are tied into a mesh jacket and can be worn over any clothing.

Ghillie suit plus carries all accessories such as Rifle wrap, Face veils, Face paint, Blankets, Masking sprays and more. The light weight of the suit and mesh helps make this jacket cooler than the older version of Ghillie suit. A brand new variety of ultra-light weight suits are available, which are considered to be more comfortable than the traditional Ghillie Suit, the efficiency of which is same as its predecessor suit. The new synthetic string material that is being used in the making of the suits has cut down the weight of to about 3.5 pounds. Some of the unmatched features of this synthetic thread of supreme quality include rot proofing nature, washable, non-allergenic, and odorless feature.

About is the official website of Ghillie suits and Ghillie suit kits, which offer detailed information to its visitors about various types of products available and their extra ordinary features making the purchase process quite easier for the buyers. Ghillie suits are very durable and strong and are mostly used by soldiers and those people engaged in adventurous activities especially in forest. Ghillie suit plus is the best variety among the category of Ghillie suit and it is in great demand among the buyers.

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