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Global Chronic, Acute, and Neuropathic Pain Market: Opioids to Remain Most Valued Drug for Chronic Pain

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2016 05:45 EST

MarketResearchReports.Biz presents this most up-to-date research on “ Frontier Pharma: Chronic, Acute and Neuropathic Pain - GPCR and Nerve Growth Factor-based therapies offer strong potential in difficult-to-treat subtypes "

The research report, titled “Frontier Pharma: Chronic, Acute And Neuropathic Pain - GPCR And Nerve Growth Factor-Based Therapies Offer Strong Potential In Difficult-To-Treat Subtypes,” analyzes the historical as well as the existing performance of this market, emphasizing specifically on various types of therapies applied to treat chronic, acute, and neuropathic pain.

According to this 68-page study, the worldwide market for chronic, acute, and neuropathic pain has been observing a significant rise since the last few years and the trend is likely to continue in the near future. Being the most effective treatment for chronic pain, opioids have been leading the overall market. However, their potential for misuse is yet to be addressed, and hence, their efficiency is limited and they cannot be utilized for prolonged durations. The increasing concerns over potential abuse of this drug are compelling drugmakers to explore opportunities in alternatives to opioids.

Opioids are expected to remain leading the moderate-to-severe pain segment, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are more effective in the case of mild pain. Opioids are increasingly being reformulated to provide abuse resistance. However, various unmet needs, such as chronic pain subtypes, mostly, do not respond well the existing treatments, resulting in the lack of alignment with the primary molecular pathophysiological reasons of pain, notes the study.

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Since the existing pipeline of pain therapeutics is extremely diverse and large, it can be characterized by a high rate of overall historical clinical attrition for novel analgesics and a low first-in-class innovation level. A total of 810 products exist in the active pipeline across all stages of development, demonstrating a highly diverse array of molecular targets. At present, 129 programs (first-in-class) are in active development, which are acting on 80 molecular targets (first-in-class) and constitute nearly 20% of the overall pipeline for which there is a divulged molecular target, states the report.

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The report offers a complete study of the global market of chronic, acute and neuropathic pain by analyzing the driving forces, growth trends, constraints, and opportunities in detail. It also provides an analytical assessment of the key challenges faced by this market currently and over the next few years, assisting the market participants in understanding the difficulties they may face while functioning in this market in the long run.

Further, it discusses the existing and upcoming pipeline projects in the worldwide market for chronic, acute and neuropathic pain at length, making the research report of special value for market participants. It also examines the competitive landscape of this market by evaluating the profiles of the leading players in a bid to identify the current market hierarchy.