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Global Consumer Board Market - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2016 07:16 EDT has recently announced the addition of a market study “ Global Consumer Board Market - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021 ”, is acomparative analysis of the global market.

The consumer board market to reach up to US$ 131.6 billion till 2021 with a CAGR of 5.6%

The report considers the present scenario of the worldwide consumer board market and its strategic assessment for the period 20162021.It includes a detailed analysis of market growth drivers, trends, and restraints. It also includes the top five vendors in the market and other key vendors. The report includes the market growth drivers, trends, and restraints. The report gives a market segmentation

By Type / Grade

Boxboard or containerboard

Folding Boxboard - FBB

Solid Bleached Sulphate Board - SBS

Solid Unbleached Board - SUB

White Lined Chip Board - WLC

Food Service Board - FSB

Corrugated Container board

Corrugated Medium



Liquid Packaging Board - LPB

Binders Board


By End Use

Consumer Non-Durables

Food Packaging

Beverage Packaging

Medical Packaging

Cosmetics and Perfume Packaging

Soaps and Detergents Packaging

Tobacco Packaging


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Consumer Durables

Home Appliances



Sports Equipment and Toys


By Geography

North America



Latin America

By Countries









Middle East

Other APAC countries such as South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan


Consumer Board Market Market Size and Dynamics

In the worldwide packaging market, the consumer board segment dominated the market with a revenue share of 41% in 2015. Consumer board is the most popular choice in the packaging market. The products are packaged in strong and lightweight packages that are self-sustainable, and can be reused many times.

Consumer board is a type of packaging that can be used for multiple purposes depending on how it is applied. The consumer board market serves lots of end-user segments and each of them requires a specific set of usages. Boxboard and corrugated container board are the major players in the market and make up for approx. 87% of revenues. Boxboard, the leader in the consumer board market, has a 47% share, while the corrugated board takes up to 40%. Other small-scale applications including liquid packaging board, binders board and MET-PET board make up for almost 13% of the market revenue share. Further a detailed market sizing of the different sub-segments of boxboards, corrugated board and MET-PET boards has been included in the report. The analysts at Beige Market Intelligence predict the consumer board market to reach approx. US$ 131.6 billion till 2021.

Consumer Board Market Trends, Drivers and Challenges

The research report provides a detailed study and analysis of the trends, growth factors and expected challenges the market is going is to witness for next five years. The increased use of consumer boards in food and beverage segments, increased urbanisation and change of lifestyle, quick adoption of strategies for horizontal expansion and merger among the major vendors are few of the emerging trends explained in the report.

The food packaging is also responsible for food safety, preservation, ease of use, increased shelf life, and efficient recycling. With all these properties, consumer board is becoming one of the popular choices in the food industry. This is a major driving factor for the growth of consumer board market. The adaption of recyclable boards over the virgin boards and the growing regulatory concerns over use of plastic in packaging are few of the market drivers that are going to boost the market. In Addition to it the increased use of tetra packs in food industry and growing e-commerce business where the packaging is very crucial for the brand value and safety of the products has created new opportunities for the growth of consumer board market.

Volatile Prices and Uncertain Profit Margins of Raw Materials is one of the major challenge for the consumer board market. The report identifies the impeding challenges and the possible prevention. The report further provides a commentary on the Porters five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

Consumer Board Market- Geographic Analysis

The report includes the market analysis of different regions such as North America, APAC, Latin America, Europe and MEA. APAC is a key geography in the consumer packaging value chain for it not only plays a key role in determining the market prices of paperboard but also for its substitute materials such as plastic, metal, and glass. Even the developed markets in Europe and North America are unable to keep pace with the growth of emerging markets in APAC, these markets are growing both in consumption size and purchasing power. China holds the top position as both manufacturer and consumer of consumer board in APAC region with a market share of 66% and 64% respectively.

Likewise, the revenue of consumer board market in EMEA is estimated to grow approx. US$39.2 billion by 2021. The consumer board market in EMEA is majorly driven by European consumption, which constitutes about 85% of the total revenues generated in the region. The consumer board market in North America is forecasted to expand to approx. US$29.3 billion by 2021. The US was the second largest producer and consumer of pulp and paper products till 2015.The consumer board market in Canada is forecasted to grow approx. US$2.55 billion in 2021.

Consumer Board Market Key Market Share and Vendors

This market research report profiles the major companies in the market and also provides the competitive landscape of key players. Within the report covers the entire market outlook regarding the value chain operating within the market. The major players in the market include

International Paper


Oji Holdings

Smurfit Kappa

Stora Enso

The emerging vendors include

Mondi Group

Metsa Group




Graphic Packaging


Paperworks Industries


Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA)

Why should you buy Global Consumer Board Market Report?

The report gives reasonable answers for the following questions which leads you to know the in- depth market analysis such as

1) How has the market been performing and what are some of the current changes which are expected to change the landscape in the coming years?

2) What are the various factors that can affect the market and in what way over the next few years?

3) What are the emerging trends and challenges for the market over the next five years?

4) Which regions are going to have the largest market share and what are the factors propelling the market growth in that region?

5) Which companies are the key vendors in the market?

6) What are the strategies used by the top vendors, and what are the opportunities to grow?

7) Which companies are the emerging vendors in the market?