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Global Contract Dose Manufacturing Industry Driven by Increasing Pressure to Implement Low-cost Manufacturing Measures

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2017 06:05 EDT has added a new research report to its database on the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. The report titled “PharmSource - Contract Dose Manufacturing Industry by the Numbers: Composition, Size, Market Share and Outlook - 2017 Edition,” provides its readers with statistics and opinions from industry experts, regarding an optimistically growing market in the pharmaceutical industry in 29 pages.

The report provides an executive summary of all data mentioned, segmented according to growth, size, structure, and other parameters. The report also provides a conclusive outlook that can allow readers to form solid strategies regarding their position in the dose CMO industry, as well as analyze their current position in the industry.
Contract dose manufacturing is a form of outsourcing within the pharmaceutical industry, where companies implement third-party support for the manufacturing of specific pharmaceutical chemicals or medicines. The process is governed through a contract that both parties sign and the process involves the manufacturing of patented drugs or pharma chemicals for the client company by the manufacturers.
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One of the key drivers currently promoting a growth in the demand for contract dose manufacturing is the mounting pressure on pharma companies to manage their budgets between manufacturing, research and development, patent management, and future endeavors. The cost of constructing and running in house manufacturing capabilities is getting expensive by the year, due to increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks surrounding the manufacturing processes and facilities. A growing number of pharma companies are finding it much more affordable to employ third party companies that solely manufacture pharmaceutical chemicals, agents, or finalized drugs. These manufacturers can manage to maintain a positive track record as they do not invest in research and development or marketing like their prospective clients do.
One of the key issues that current players in the contract dose manufacturing industry need to look out for is the entry of newer players and the consequently intensifying competition that can cause excessive price wars and overall losses over time.
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The report provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the contract dose manufacturing industry across multiple dimensions, such as volume and type of industry players and participants, the share structure of the market and its overall size, the descriptions of the leading players in the market, and the outlook on the industry as provided by experts.
The report is aimed at the decision makers and players in the contract dose manufacturing industry, who can discover valuable resources within the report for a better grasp on industry factors, as well as key opinions and inputs fundamental for strategy building and planning.