Global E-Waste Management Industry 2016 Leading Recycling Techniques, Market Opportunities & Waste Disposal Solutions 2021

Press release   •   Nov 30, 2016 05:01 EST

The global research insight on the market for E-Waste Management has been evaluated for stakeholders by consulting data gathered via secondary as well as primary research. The study starts by covering the definition, classification, specification, and industry chain evaluation of the global market for E-Waste Management. The major segments such as the parent segments and sub-segments leading the market and their expected state by the end of the forecast horizon form a key part of this study.

The regional segmentation of the market also throws light on the top regions leading the market at present and their expected state by the end of the forecast horizon. The current state of the market for E-Waste Management and its anticipated growth all through the forecast horizon have been covered under this section of the report. The report is a detailed study of components such as the major trends in the market, the competitive evaluation, key regions, and future development prospects.

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The report also provides company profiles in its competitive landscape section and presents the top strategies and financial status of the major market players. In addition, company profiles, key products, SWOT analysis, import and export, and product specifications of the chief players are also covered under this part of the report. Information on the top players dominating the market and their business strategies have also been presented under this part of the report.

The study also provides the major opportunities and industry news within the global E-Waste Management market. Porter’s five forces analysis also forms a key part of this study. The challenges faced by the major players dominant in the market have been presented, coupled with the countermeasures they took in order to handle these challenges for gaining a better foothold in the global E-Waste Management market.

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Table of Contents

1 Analysis of E-Waste Management Industry Key Manufacturers
1.1 Aurubis AG (Germany)
1.1.1 Company Profile
1.1.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.1.3 Aurubis AG (Germany) SWOT Analysis

1.2 Boliden AB (Sweden)
1.2.1 Company Profile
1.2.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.2.3 Boliden AB (Sweden) SWOT Analysis

1.3 MBA Polymers, Inc. (California)
1.3.1 Company Profile
1.3.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.3.3 MBA Polymers, Inc. (California) SWOT Analysis

1.4 Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. (U.S.)
1.4.1 Company Profile
1.4.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.4.3 Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. (U.S.) SWOT Analysis

1.5 Sims Metal Management Ltd. (Australia)
1.5.1 Company Profile
1.5.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.5.3 Sims Metal Management Ltd. (Australia) SWOT Analysis

1.6 Umicore S.A. (Belgium)
1.6.1 Company Profile
1.6.2 Revenue and Gross Margin
1.6.3 Umicore S.A. (Belgium) SWOT Analysis

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