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Global Hyper-scale Data Center Market Prognosticated to Obtain Probable Lift in Growth from Cloud Service Providers

Press release   •   Jul 11, 2017 06:41 EDT

The global hyper-scale data center market has been meticulously presented in a compendious study added by, titled “Global Hyper-scale Data Center Market Size, Status, and Forecast 2022.” Included in the information and communication technology (ICT) archive of market research reports, the publication stretching to 94 pages has followed a set pattern that is easy to comprehend and search through for vital information. Readers have been provided with a detailed collection of figures and tables that unveil the size of the market for the review period 2012–2017 along with other statistics for the forecast period 2017–2022 as per different market classifications.

The publication has considered three types of classifications, i.e. type, application, and region, for comprehensively analyzing the key areas of the world hyper-scale data center market. According to type, the analysts have segregated the market into two segments, viz. networking and servers, and three segments, viz. enterprises, collocation service providers, and cloud service providers by application or end user. Geographically, the market could be segmented into Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan, the European Union (EU), and the U.S. A broad evaluation of each of these markets has been anticipated to help players gauge important business opportunities existing in the industry or about to take shape in the near future.

Under the industry overview section, the authors of the publication have shed light on the outlook, product scope, and status of the world hyper-scale data center market. This has been expected to inform readers about how the market will perform or behave in future while understanding its current position and trends.
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Challenges in the international hyper-scale data center market could be in the form of technology risks, economical downsides, substitute threat, or a hard-bitten competition from opponents. Nevertheless, there could be favorable prospects birthing from the emergence of potential applications and rising demand from developing economies. Other driving forces and opportunities in the market have also been detailed by the analysts. Besides this, the publication has offered a critical reports of market effect factors where consumer needs, technological progresses or risks, and change in external environment have been taken into account.
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The competition reports of dominating companies present in the world hyper-scale data center market has been provided to offer a deep understanding of the vendor landscape. This could also help participants to predict the possible strategies to be adopted by leading companies and how they have been coping with changing scenarios or challenges in the market. Future technological trends, entry of new players, differences in services and products, rate of market concentration, and competitive trend and status are the chief factors that have been explained by the authors. Some of the crucial names studied in the publication are Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco Systems, and IBM Corporation.