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Global Insect Repellent Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application (General Population, Special population), Forecast To 2021

Press Release   •   Jun 07, 2017 04:49 EDT

About Insect Repellent Market

"An Insect Repellent is a substance applied to skin, clothing, or other surfaces which discourages insects (and arthropods in general) from landing or climbing on that surface. Insect Repellents help prevent and control the outbreak of insect-borne (and other arthropod-bourne) diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, dengue fever, bubonic plague, and West Nile fever. Pest animals commonly serving as vectors for disease include insects such as flea, fly, and mosquito; and the arachnid tick.

Insect Repellents are an alternative to the use of insecticides. They may be applied to the skin to protect an individual from the bites of mosquitoes, mites, ticks and lice or, less commonly, may be used to exclude insects from an area, such as in packaging to prevent infestation of stored products."

Scope of the Report:

This report focuses on the Insect Repellent in Global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

According to GIR study, the global revenue of insect repellent was valued at USD 45.79 billion in 2015, and is forecast to reach $ 60.66 billion by the end of 2021, growing at a CAGR of 5.41% from 2015 to 2021.

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Market Segment by Manufacturers, this report covers

Insect Repellent industry is fragmented. S.C. Johnson, Spectrum Brands, 3M, Avon Products and Omega Pharma are the key players and accounted for over 27% of the overall insect repellent market share in 2015. Other players include Reckitt Benckiser Group, Sawyer Products, Tender, ExOfficio, and Cloeman.

Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers

North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)

Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)

Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)

Latin America, Middle and Africa

Europe led the global insect repellent market. Europe accounts for around 32% of the global market in 2015. Other major regions, such as North America and Asia, are total accounted for about 48% in 2015. The Asia insect repellent market is expected to develop rapidly, with major contribution expected from the insect repellent market.

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Market Segment by Type, covers

Body worn Insect Repellent

Non body worn Insect Repellent

Non body worn insect repellents provide protection from critical insect-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, Lyme disease and yellow fever among others. Moreover, low price of these products and easy availability across online stores, retail outlets, supermarkets, and hypermarkets are propelling the growth of the non-body worn insect repellent products market in the global market. Thus by revenue, non-body worn insect repellent was the largest contributor in the insect repellent market in the market and accounted for market share of approximately 95%.

Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into

General Population

Special population

Table of Contents

1 Market Overview 1

1.1 Insect Repellent Introduction 1

1.2 Market Analysis by Type 3

1.2.1 Classification of Insect Repellent by Work Style 3

1.2.2 Classification of Insect Repellent by Active Ingredient 6

1.3 Market Analysis by Applications 14

1.3.1 General Population 14

1.3.2 Special population 15

1.4 Market Analysis by Regions 16

1.4.1 North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) 16

1.4.2 Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy) 17

1.4.3 Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia) 18

1.4.4 Latin America, Middle and Africa 19

1.5 Industry Policy Analysis of Insect Repellent 19

1.6 Industry News Analysis of Insect Repellent 21

1.7 Mosquito Disease Trends in Asia Regions and Latin America 23

1.8 Rural and Urban Penetration Rates for Asian Countries Analysis by Market Segment 25

1.9 Consumer Behavior Related to the Adoption of Mosquito Repellents and Insecticides in Japan, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam Malaysia 26

1.10 Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis in the Asia Region 28

2 Major Manufacturers Analysis of Insect Repellent 29

2.1 S. C. Johnson & Son 29

2.1.1 Company Profile 29

2.1.2 Product Picture and Specifications 30

2.1.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 35

2.1.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 38

2.2 Spectrum Brands 38

2.2.1 Company Profile 38

2.2.2 Product Picture and Specifications 40

2.2.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 41

2.2.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 44

2.3 3M 44

2.3.1 Company Profile 44

2.3.2 Product Picture and Specifications 45

2.3.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 47

2.3.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 49

2.4 Avon 49

2.4.1 Company Profile 49

2.4.2 Product Picture and Specifications 50

2.4.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 52

2.4.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 54

2.5 Omega Pharma 54

2.5.1 Company Profile 54

2.5.2 Product Picture and Specifications 55

2.5.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 56

2.5.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 58

2.6 Reckitt Benckiser Group 58

2.6.1 Company Profile 58

2.6.2 Product Picture and Specifications 59

2.6.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 60

2.6.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 62

2.7 Sawyer Products 62

2.7.1 Company Profile 62

2.7.2 Product Picture and Specifications 63

2.7.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 65

2.7.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 68

2.8 Tender 68

2.8.1 Company Profile 68

2.8.2 Product Picture and Specifications 69

2.8.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 70

2.8.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 73

2.9 Insect Shield 73

2.9.1 Company Profile 73

2.9.2 Product Picture and Specifications 74

2.9.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 75

2.9.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 77

2.10 ExOfficio LLC 77

2.10.1 Company Profile 77

2.10.2 Product Picture and Specifications 78

2.10.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 79

2.10.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 81

2.11 Cloeman 81

2.11.1 Company Profile 81

2.11.2 Product Picture and Specifications 82

2.11.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 84

2.11.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 87

2.12 All Terrain 87

2.12.1 Company Profile 87

2.12.2 Product Picture and Specifications 88

2.12.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 90

2.12.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 93

2.13 HOMS 93

2.13.1 Company Profile 93

2.13.2 Product Picture and Specifications 94

2.13.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 97

2.13.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 99

2.14 Jahwa 99

2.14.1 Company Profile 99

2.14.2 Product Picture and Specifications 100

2.14.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 101

2.14.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 103

2.15 Longrich Bioscience 103

2.15.1 Company Profile 103

2.15.2 Product Picture and Specifications 104

2.15.3 Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin 105

2.15.4 Insect Repellent Business Distribution 107

3 Global Insect Repellent Market Competition, by Manufacturer 108

3.1 Global Insect Repellent Revenue Market Share by Manufacturer 108

3.2 Market Concentration Rate 110

3.3 Market Competition Trend 110

4 Global Insect Repellent Market Analysis by Regions 112

4.1 Global Insect Repellent Revenue and Market Share by Regions 112

4.2 North America Insect Repellent Revenue and Growth (2011-2016) 113

4.3 Europe Insect Repellent Revenue and Growth (2011-2016) 114

4.4 Asia-Pacific Insect Repellent Revenue and Growth (2011-2016) 114

4.5 Latin AmericaMiddle and Africa Insect Repellent Sales and Growth (2011-2016) 115 is the most comprehensive collection of market research reports. MarketResearchReports.Biz services are specially designed to save time and money for our clients. We are a one stop solution for all your research needs, our main offerings are syndicated research reports, custom research, subscription access and consulting services. We serve all sizes and types of companies spanning across various industries.