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Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market Growth, Research, Analysis, Trends, Technology, Application and Industry Outlook 2016

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2016 02:59 EST

The report is titled“Global Internet of Things Market2015 Industry Research Report”.

IoT, a technology that facilitates adding capabilities of communication and data transmission to everyday devices with the help of embedded sensors and computing power, is considered the next big thing for today’s rapidly digitizing world. This trend of ‘computerization‘of objects – connecting them to some form of communication and information network – is on a constant rise these days. While the global IoT market is still in its early stages of evolution, it is poised for massive growth over the years to come.

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The market is already flooded with sensors and computer-embedded objects, which are finding increasingly high usage across a number of industries including energy, automotive, in-home appliances, and consumer electronics. As the price of sensors, computers, and the overall costs required to integrate technological components in physical objects falls due to steady demand and innovation, the world will see an even larger adoption of IoT than in the past. Analysts project that the Internet of Things will have significant implications for both business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business companies in the next few years.

The report collates data from a number of surveys, interviews, and many other primary and secondary research methodologies. The vast amount of data thus gathered from these sources is narrowed down with the help of industry-best analytical methods to present before the reader only the most crucial sets of data essential to understand the factors that will have the most profound impact on the overall development of the market.

The report also provides a detailed look into aspects such as consumer behavior across the numerous segments of the market, demand and supply chain, regulatory framework, and other factors when it comes to the adoption of IoT and connected technology. An overview of current and future adoption plans and the potential barriers to the large-scale adoption of IoT is also given in the report.

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The report also gives an expansive account of the competitive landscape of the global IoT market with the help of detailed business profiles, SWOT analysis, project feasibility analysis, contact information, and financial details of some of the major companies operating in the market. The report also furnishes crucial details from past years, recent developments in the market, news regarding activities such as mergers and acquisitions, etc. and paints a comprehensive picture of the current state of the market.

Key companies in the global IoT market profiled in the report include Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Cisco Systems, and Intel.

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