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Global Manager Group introduced new Products GMP+B1 & GMP+B3 Documentation kits

Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2017 05:34 EDT

Global Manager Group, the leading ISO documentation seller and ISO consultancy provider is delighted to announce the launch of its two new products D143 - GMP+ B1 Documentation kit and D144 - GMP+ B3 Documentation kit.

New to Global Manager Group's Documentation category the GMP+ B1 Documentation kit is designed to help organization that involved in production, trade and Feed safety services and GMP+ B3 Documentation kit is designed for Feed safety intended for Trade, Collection, Storage and Transhipment.

To help organization in consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards, Global Manager Group launched the GMP+ B1 and GMP+ B3 Documentation kit. It provides a complete set of mandatory and supporting pre-written documentation templates to reduce the time spent developing documentation.

Mr. Devang Jhaveri, owner of Global Manager Group has announced these products launch and said that like all the other document kits available at, these readymade documents for GMP+ B1 and GMP+ B3 can be used as a ready reference tool for GMP+ B1 Certification and GMP+ B3 Certification.

These documentation sets contain readymade templates, such as GMP+ Feed Safety Manual, Procedures, Exhibits, Editable sample forms, HACCP documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), GMP+ Process Approach and Audit Checklist as per GMP+B1 and GMP+B2 standards requirements. The user can update total documentation templates as per organization working system and create own documents for their company.

Download a free demo of GMP+ Documentation kits to find out more about how it can help organisations in documentation process for GMP certification.

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