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Global Ophthalmic Device market will be more than US$ 60 Billion by 2024

Press release   •   Mar 12, 2018 02:29 EDT

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Global Ophthalmic Device market will be more than US$ 60 Billion by 2024. This report discusses about the Global ophthalmic devices market and further this market is categorized into, namely, Surgical devices, Diagnostic, & Monitoring devices, and Vision care products. This market is mostly powered by a big pool of patients with eye diseases, growing, aging population, changing geographic and demographic trends, and amplified focus on combination therapies of drugs.

Expanding awareness of eye diseases in underdeveloped nations, which make noteworthy growth opportunities in this market. Evolution in Technologies is also one of the major factors driving this market. However, drying pipeline of ophthalmology drugs and the economic slowdown is restricting the market during the projected time frame.

This report also studies the new technologies recently used by the ophthalmologist in Fundus camera like “Volk iNview”. This new ophthalmic camera device able to capture the images of fundus using an Apple iPhones and iPods. Many newer technologies were comprehensively studied in this report in all devices.

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A new report compiled by Renub Research titled Ophthalmic Devices Market, Global Forecast by Application (Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices, Surgical Instrument Devices Market and Vision) By Products (Fundus Camera, Optical Coherence Tomography Scanner, Refractive Error Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Retinal Surgery, Contact Lenses and Others) By Regions (Asia Pacifics, North America, Europe and Rest of the World) Companies (Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Carl Zeiss, Topcon Corporation, Valeant Pharmaceutical International Inc., Iridex Coporation, Ellex Medical Lasers, Escalon Medical, and Second Sight Medical Products Inc.) studies the global Ophthalmic devices market.

Market Segmentation

Global Vision Care products market accounts for the highest market share among all other segments during the projected time frame of 2024. On the basis of Application the Global Ophthalmic market is segmented into Global Diagnostics & Monitoring devices market, Surgical Instruments market as well as Vision care products market. Further, these markets are classified into the sub segments

  • Global Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices classified into (Fundus Camera, Optical Coherence Tomography Scanner, Tonometer and Others)
  • Surgical Instruments Market into (Refractive Error Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery Devices, Cataract Surgery Devices and Retinal Surgery Devices)
  • Vision Care Products into (Contact Lenses market and Others)
  • By Region - Segmentation

    On the basis of Regions, the global ophthalmic devices market is studied in Asia-Pacifics regions, North American regions, European regions and Rest of the World regions. Moreover, North American region leads the market among all other regions in the global ophthalmic devices market during the projected time frame of 2024.

    Key Players Mentioned

    This report analysis, the key player profile in details like Company Overview, Business Strategy, Merger/Acquisitions as well as Company Sales. In the Global Ophthalmic Devices market the key players are Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Carl Zeiss, Topcon Corporation, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., Iridex Corporation, Ellex Medical Lasers, and Escalon Medical.

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    All the 8 Companies Studied in the Report have been Studied from 4 Points

  • Company Overview
    • Business Strategy
    • Mergers & Acquisition
    • Financial Insight
  • This market research report provides an all-encompassing analysis of the Global Ophthalmic Devices Market and its segments market, key Growth Drivers, Challenges, Companies Analysis (Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquictions) and their forecast till 2024.

    Market – Global Optholomic Devices

  • Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices
  • o Fundus Camera
    o Optical Coherence Tomography Scanner
    o Tonometer Market
    o Others
  • Surgical Instruments Devices
  • o Refractive Error Surgery Devices
    o Glaucoma Surgery Devices
    o Cataract Surgery Devices
    o Retinal Surgery Devices
  • Vision Care Products
  • o Contact Lenses Market
    o Others

    Regional Market Covered in the Report:

  • Asia Pacific
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Rest of the World (ROW)
  • Companies Analysis Covered in the Report
  • Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
    • Carl Zeiss
    • Topcon Corporation
    • Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
    • Iridex Corporation
    • Ellex Medical Lasers
    • Escalon Medical
    • Second Sight Medical Products Inc.
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