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Global Robotics Market Volume & Forecast

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2016 00:51 EDT

Global Robotics Market is expected to be close to USD 45 Billion by 2020. In recent years demand of robots has increased tremendously as growing trends are heading for automation and constant pioneering technical advancements in industrial robotics and service robotics. Industrial Robotics has the lion’s share of more than 80 percent in Global Robotics Market and rest is with Service Robotics.

In 2015, Global Robotics Volume was near 300,000 Units. Automotive Robotics is forecasted to control more than 50 percent of volume share in Industrial Robotics. Defence Robotics and Medical Robotics have emerged as top two segments in Service Robotics. Intuitive Surgical is the biggest company in Global Robotics Market.

Global Robotics Market, Volume & Forecast report published by Renub Research gives a complete analysis of high growth Industrial Robotics Market and Service Robotics Market globally. Report consists of 142 pages with 101 Figures and 9 Table studies the global robotics market; volume & forecast, global industrial robotics market; volume & forecast by industry segment, global service robotics market; volume & forecast by categorised segment, driving factors and challenges for Robotics market.

Global Robotics Market is divided into two parts

Global Industrial Robotics Market

Global Service Robotics Market

Global Industrial Robotics Market has been analyzed from two view points

Global Industrial Robotic Market (2010 – 2020)

Global Industrial Robotic Volume (2010 – 2020)

Industry Robotics Segments Covered

1.Automotive Industry

2.Electrical & Electronics Industry

3.Metal Industry

4.Chemical, Rubber and Plastics Industry

5.Food Industry



B. Global Service Robotics Market has been analyzed from two view points

Global Service Robotic Market (2010 – 2020)

Global Service Robotic Volume (2010 – 2020)

Service Robotics Segments Covered


Agriculture (Field)




Mobile Platform



Rescue and Security

All others

Key Company Analysed

1.Yaskawa Electric Corporation (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

2.KUKA AG (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

3.Adept Technology (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

4.Nachi– Fujikoshi (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

5.iRobot (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

6.Intuitive Surgical (SWOT Analysis, Sales Analysis)

Report Details: Global Robotics Market Volume & Forecast

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