Albin B. Andersson

Global warming and Climate change - The cause

Press Release   •   Aug 14, 2013 05:50 EDT

The radiation from the sun is the prime original source of energy addition to the Earth and enters its atmosphere at a flux of about 340 W/sq.m. About 240 W of thios amouint is absorbed by land, water and the atmosphere, while the rest, about 100 W, is reflected back into space.

The absorption of the radiation to and by the atmosphere takes place by back radiation and by feedback effects. For absorption to occur the frequencies of the oscillation of the radiation must match the frequencies available for the absorbing gases. This process of absorption mostly takes place in and near the infrared wavelength band. In these wavelengths the water wapor (H2O) has a much higher absorption ability than e.g. CO2. Since the average amount of water in the atmosphere also is much higher than the average amount of CO2 (about 80 times higher) the total absorption by water is therefore much higher. The end result is that primarily H2O and to a certain extent CO2 and also to still lower extents other greenhouse gases add to the temperature rise by the absorption of the radiation.

Another major effect by the comparatively high amount of water vapor in the atmosphere in comparison with other geenhouse gases is its much higher ability to be loaded with large amounts of latent energy at existing temperatures for life on Earth (e.g. 2450 Joules per kilogram of water at 20 degrees centigrade). This effect depends on the high uptake of energy by the evaporation of water, on the movement over the globe of the loaded water and on the release of its energy content at condensation. The water vapor thereby has a strong influence on the climate by causing thunder storms, heavy rain falls, floods etc.

The solution of The Global Warming - Climate Change problem must build to a high extent upon the water vapor according to the web site:

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