Glove Guard Clip: Protect Your Employees' Fingers And Your Company's Bottom Line

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2011 07:17 EST

FEBRUARY 24, 2011 - BAYTOWN, TX – Companies that furnish work gloves to their employees need to know about Glove Guard Clip, a little safety tool with a big ROI. Issued together, the Glove Guard Clip and work gloves save fingers and drastically lower glove replacement costs.

Hand injuries are, by far, the largest category of reportable injuries. However, most jobs that pose a threat to hands have a certain type of glove that, if worn, significantly reduces the risk to those hands. While no glove is both bulletproof and idiot-proof, it is a well-documented fact that wearing the approved glove for the job will prevent most hand injuries and reduce the severity of most of the rest.

So, with most companies supplying the proper gloves for their employees, hand injuries should make up the smallest number of injuries, not the largest. What's the problem? Statistics reveal that most hand injuries are not the result of wearing the wrong gloves, but of wearing no gloves at all.

Follow-up interviews with ungloved hand injured workers produce an array of reasons why they weren't wearing their gloves. However, one group of reasons dominates the list: "I left my gloves at the last job site"; "I left my gloves in the truck"; I don't know where I left my gloves." Step into most mill buildings, and you can practically walk across the floor by stepping from one "lost" glove to another.

Conclusion: Issuing the right glove is only part of the answer. The worker has to have the right gloves with him when he needs them. He's not stupid; he'll wear them if he has them - he just can't remember where he left them half the time.

The solution is a small tool called a Glove Guard clip. It is a special clip that has only one goal in life, to hold your gloves close to you so that when you need them, they'll be there. One end of the glove clip is designed to hold on to your clothes, while the other end is designed to tenaciously hold on to a pair of work gloves. Your gloves stay at your side the entire shift, ready when you need them.

One of our oldest customers reduced their hand injuries by 86% after introducing the Glove Guard clips into their safety program. You can see their letter on Adding this little safety tool to your safety arsenal can save fingers and money.

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