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Press Release   •   Dec 08, 2015 02:41 EST

Demon Hunters? Whatever. Allegorical weapons that advance with players until the next expansion? Sure. Gnome Hunters? You accept my attention, World of Warcraft: Legion.

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I’ve never actually actively played Angel of Warcraft’s Hunter class. It’s odd, really. I am a abandoned amateur a lot of of the time, and Hunters are a abundant abandoned class, but two things captivated me back. One was the actuality that I do adore alignment from time to time,WOW Gold and the aboriginal canicule of Hunter pets bringing absolute dungeons of creatures down on our parties (“Hey, where’d your pet go?” “Oh shit.”) fabricated me nervous. The additional was I didn’t adore any of the contest that could be Hunters aback in the day, and if they opened things up a bit afterwards on, I wasn’t interested.

Now I am interested.

Gnome Hunters are advancing to Angel of Warcraft, with Blizzard instituting cleverly-tamed automated pets to accomplish up for the actuality that Gnomes are a basic of a lot of Hunter pet classes’ diet.

I am a huge gnome fan, not alone because of their courage during one of the big aboriginal Horde/Alliance skirmishes, area they approved to accord with a adversity in their home boondocks (emphasis on tried) instead of confusing the added Alliance contest with their problems, but aswell because the abate the animal the faster they feel, and I gotta go fast.

It doesn’t get abundant faster than a gnome hitting Aspect of Cheetah.

Meet Bellyflop and Buns. They’re traveling to aphorism all of Azeroth one day. At atomic until the aboriginal big alpha analysis appearance wipe.

It’s still aboriginal canicule for gnome Hunters. The aboriginal weapon they get, a chic rifle, is torn so it alone fires at affray range. Alone one aptitude blueprint is accessible at the moment (and it’s not Beast Mastery), acceptable due to accomplishing of the spec-specific ballsy weapons in alpha test. But appropriate now, with my best bunny by my side, I’m admiring it.

So if Legion launches next year and you admiration area my Demon Hunter advantage is, accusation Blizzard for akin gnome Hunters to the non-demon variety.

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