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Go Out and Play

Press Release   •   Aug 10, 2017 04:51 EDT

Rick Denzien 'Go Out And Play' 

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Described as 'rock’n the extreme folk', the song is a rallying cry for over-worked and lorded-over ordinary citizens, over-burdened by the daily worries and stresses of early 21st century life looming over a collective survival. 'Zero Emission Musician' Rick Denzien’s zeal drives an acoustic guitar and vocal style, like an early protest era anthem, iconic for this moment in history.

So what is a 'Zero Emission Musician' exactly? Well for instance; this record was made using wind and solar power exclusively. Says Rick, founder of the movement; 'we drive 100% electric vehicles and have eliminated all fossil fuels in our home music school and recording studio. We do the protest marches and helped to organize the People's Climate March in NYC 2014. We have film showings - 'Years Of Living Dangerously', 'From The Ashes', 'Food Inc. Etc.'. Since 2013 we have also organized 'ride and drives' with electric vehicles, to date I've personally taken 4,500 people for rides in my EV. Must be some kinda record..'

Further to this, he adds 'I decked and roofed our home studio with a shingle product made from recycled tires and plastic bottles, integrating the solar mounting studs as I went along. Then I installed the 15,000 Kwh solar system.. A bit of a to-do, but all part of the walk..'.


Drums: Chuck Treece
Bass: Chad Watson
Vocals Acoustic Guitar, Percussion & Keys: Rick Denzien
Lead Guitar: Allen James
B3 & Rhodes: Howie Q. Gordon III
Backing Vocals: Debra Lee, Lyra Project
Percussion: Lou DeLise
Recording Engineers: Rick Denzien, Eddie Hedges, Lou DeLise
Mix: Rick Denzien
Mastering: Frank Arkwright Abbey Road Studios, London
Recording Studios:, Ambler, PA
Native Music Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Rick Denzien

From the deep, cold and dark of Buffalo, NY comes an artist - Rick Denzien. In his own words: ''Fate is sometimes like being stuck behind a snow plow on the thruway, in the middle of a raging blizzard, on black ice covered by pack snow whilst driving at 65 mph… never being able to see more than 20 feet ahead, ignoring basic physics. Idiotic blind faith, stupid, an accident waiting to happen… but in Western New York we called it Winter driving – fate.'

'Driving blind can be the greatest teacher as it takes us to new, raw un-processed edges - like when the blade of the steel plow sparks against the frozen road, that’s where we can find salvation or, crazed, we smash into the ass end of a truck, driven by an over worked, underpaid NY-DOT worker.

Radio Quotes

'Extremely original, excellent project! 6/6 Stars'
Christophe Marcy - NETRADIO'Catchy melody, great instrumentation.. a great listening experience for music lovers everywhere'

Al Thompson – Founder FM Audition Radio Show'infectious... IN A VERY, VERY GOOD WAY!! I played it while I was shaving this morning and wound up singing the chorus all freeken day! Love this tune!'

Chris DiGangi Artist Activist, Founder-The Post Folk Fest Fester's Fest & Owner of The Rebel Lounge, former WXPN fm Special Producer'Catchy tune! Rick Denzien writes a very pertinent song that is very “in” with the times right now. The melody and vocals are reminiscent of Peter Gabriel.. Five thumbs up!'
Eddie Hedges Engineer, Producer, drummer & founding member of the Platinum recording group Blessid Union of Souls'a solid reminder (with a great beat) to stand firm for what is good and decent, for what is right. For the truth. So, go out and play, world. Resist.'
K.M. Walton, author of Cracked, Empty, Ultimatum, and the upcoming music-focused anthology Behind the Song

Political Party Quotes

'As ‘Go Out and Play’ starts, the ambient keyboard is striking. When the vocals kick in, the messages of freedom are unquestionably inspiring. The hook is killer and the song has a great vibe with slammin’ guitar solo. This song makes you want to play it again!'
Brian Ostrander, MONTCO Green Party Chairman

Zero Emission Musician Quotes

''Go Out and Play’ is a call to all artists to do their craft, but the deeper meaning… have your voice heard, not be stifled and controlled by those that would keep us down and RESIST them. It made me feel like I need to bust out, do my thing, shed the fear of conspiracy and just live my life.'
Michael Craner Michael – Founder -

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