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Golf Belles Appointed Golf Sailflag's Exclusive Global Marketing Representative

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2012 01:14 EST

Golf industry marketing company Golf Belles entered into a joint venture last week with Golf Sailflags to launch their patented new product line to the North American golf market and then move forward on a global marketing push.

Golf Sailflags is a South African company taking the world by storm with its revolutionary flags designed for the golf industry. Recently recognized to conform to the Rules of Golf by Royal & Ancient and permitted under the Rules of Golf by the USGA the Golf Sailflag is raising the industry’s curiosities. One of the first to purchase this innovative product for their sponsored amateur events is the country’s largest insurer, SANLAM and the flag will be feature on popular television show Ultra Simple Golf. The Ebotse Golf Club is currently flying the Golf Sailflag on course endorsing Mercedes Benz while Volvo are purported to fly the branded flags at their next event.

The attractive design and reinforced structure allows for superb marketing exposure in all weather conditions and provides maximum brand awareness for every occasion. The uniquely rigid flag stays erect at all times, maintaining the freedom to maneuver with wind direction whilst eliminating the fluttering and waving of standard golf flags. “The concept aligns with the company’s vision”, says Golf SailFlag Director Richard Michelmore, “to provide branding and advertising opportunities on course at the key visual target, the Flagstick itself”.

The joint venture between Golf Sailflags and Golf Belles aims to deliver an unparalleled promotional campaign across North America. Golf Belles marketing solutions will see an optimized, fully branded, launch in coming weeks with the first appearances being an introductory video and an unveiling across digital channels. “Our mission is to encourage every course, every tournament sponsor, every event marketer to take their branded promotions to a whole new level with the Golf Sailflag”, says Golf Belles Chief Susanita de Diego, “these flags are souvenirs, memorabilia, a signature trophy. The possibilities are endless”.

The launch into North America is set to roll out late February this year with Golf Belles taking inquiries immediately. Please contact the team by emailing or calling 602.904.5028 to ask about the Golf Sailflags today.

About Golf Sailflags 

Golf Sailflag International, is a specialized golf branding and media company. The Golf Sailflag, and associated products achieve maximum brand exposure through the use of an ingenious, rigid, sailflag design. The Golf Sailflags are designed and produced with strict corporate identity guidelines and pantone colors that capture and carry the brands for maximum exposure through the entire golf course on the 18 golf flagsticks. We are governed by the truism that the strongest consumer brand connection is at a visual level. Golf sailflags have become the choice of a number of top world brands for corporate events, charity sponsorship and media exposure in the high LSM golf market. The Golf Sailflag presents sponsors with a new way of maximizing their brand awareness at golf events. It is our duty to ensure the elevation of your brand. We believe in the power of delivering on effective visual stimulation. ‘In the 21st century, branding will ultimately be the only unique differentiator between companies.  Brands are now a key asset’ Fortune Magazine.


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