Gorgeous Gold Leather Mousepads From Freshly Picked

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2011 15:01 EST

Freshly Picked unleashes one of its major offerings for the year – the Gold Leather Mousepad. This modish-looking computer accessory comes in three exciting colors, white, charcoal or gold and has the right dimensions of 8.5" by 8.5".

Freshly Picked has added another dimension to the growing varieties of mousepads and finicky users will definitely not become disappointed for this model is simply exquisite and outstanding.

If you are a young and trendy student, then this is the right pad for you. It is not the typical uninteresting leather mousepad but one that will surely elicit positive comments and remarks from your schoolmates and pals. For the more upscale and mature users in corporate establishments, this exudes both sophistication and functionality. While this accessory has been manufactured to make it look more glamorous, the functions have not been altered. This leather mousepad assists in enhancing the mobility and control of the computer mouse.

Computer pads have become very much in style lately as a promotional item. Corporate executives as well as employees would adore a leather mousepad that will complement the decorative features of their offices. Models that are made of leather are relatively long-lasting and look remarkable because these can be personalized and lighten work stations. For purposes of business promotion, you can have the company name and logo embossed on the leather mousepad and presented to clients and prospects. This will certainly boost your visibility and create an impressive brand name for your company.

With Freshly Picked, customers are assured of products that are borne out of creativity combined with functionality. Take a look at the assorted assortment of elegant, resilient and attractive mousepads and you will surely be impressed. The leather mousepad that Freshly Picked offers allows computer users to manipulate their gadgets smoothly while bringing a special touch of smartness to their tables.

You can utilize this accessory to act as a separate decorative item. The striking mousepad of Freshly Picked radiates a special effect and product can provide your home or office with a marvelous look that will enthral your friends or business colleagues. More than the elements of style and outward show, it is essential to consider that in acquiring this important mat, you have to be careful not to ignore the facet of comfort. Make it a priority to choose the type of pad that will suit your needs and examine the different styles, texture, categories and brands. A mousepad is not purely ornamentation but a long-term investment as well.

Just bear in mind that a mousepad helps in supporting the wrist and hand while making it more comfortable. Choosing the correct product is for gamers, office employees, students and ordinary users. The Freshly Picked leather mousepad is a blend of usage and fun at a reasonable price.

Consumers can look forward to more products and models from Freshly Picked. This pioneer in unique but original products puts emphasis on the demands and welfare of customers, one reason why it has been one of the more preferred companies in the country.

Freshly Picked is a handmade leather company based in the USA. Each product is made to order and is the highest of quality. They make a variety of handmade leather goods and products, ranging from baby moccasins and purses, to leather mousepads and pencil holders.