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Growth Analysis of Changing Trends in FMCG Sector Presented in a New Report

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2017 07:01 EDT has featured a new market study, titled “TrendSights Analysis: Experimentation - Tempting consumers with unique, inspiring and exciting products,” to its expanding repository. In the present scenario consumer desire for convenience has been instrumental in the increasing penetration of technology in the FMCG retail space, wherein self-service checkout and contactless payment systems provide a seamless shopping experience to consumers. The search for immersive consumption experience is paving way for technology in the FMCG space, which was the game of mom-n-pop shops at one time.

There are several factors benefitting the expanding product line of FMCG products. Changing buying patterns with adventurous consumers seeking a break from routine products and looking for novel and fashion-forward products is one of the primary factors having a positive impact on the sales of FMCG products. The increasing risk-taking appetite of consumers with rising purchasing power is bringing a sea of change in the FMCG space. Increasing global travel because of which an increasing number of consumers enjoy experimenting products from different cultures is also a notable trend that has come to the fore in the FMCG space. Attractive packaging, freebies and shopping coupons are some other attractions that are enticing consumers to purchase new line of products in the FMCG space.

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Nevertheless, savvy consumers are relying on social media to receive insights about new products. Both manufacturers and consumers have recognized the power of social media that can improve or tarnish the image of a product, which has become common for information exchange. Retailers are increasingly using social media to engage users in order to influence their merchandising decisions. Following this, retailers are stepping-up efforts to incorporate mobile in the purchase journey of consumers such as for payments, order fulfilments, and loyalty.
The report is a veritable tool to understand changing buying trends that are likely to impact the growth of the FMCG space over the forecast period. The report is collated after gathering data from primary and secondary sources, and receiving insightful inputs from industry experts. The reports of trends in the FMCG space is presented both textually and pictorially in this report.
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The report composed of 38 pages is presented in a chapter-wise format interspersed with an exhaustive collection of tables and graphical representations. The report is divided into sub-chapters for easy browsing. The report discusses at length the key market segments and how they are expected to behave in the forthcoming years.
FMCG products are those that have relatively low cost but a small shelf life. Some examples of FMCG products include non-durable goods such as soft drinks, processed foods, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and many other consumables.