Guide to Anima Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.15 with ffxiv gil for sale

Press Release   •   Dec 19, 2015 01:34 EST

Recently, the latest update of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, patch 3.15 has been released with numerous fixes, including the epic new story line called Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate and the new Anima weapons. If you haven’t begin the quests, follow to see what you need to do for the weapons and buy cheap ffxiv gil to be ready.

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Generally, the new Anima Weapons are sitting at ilvl210, and their starting quest can be picked up in Idyllshire. Players need to complete 3 quests in order, for each relic. A small tip here is that you can work on multiple relics once. For example, pick up quest 1 on your PLD, and at the same time, work on quest 3 for your WAR.

Quest 1: Soul Without Life

The quest requires you to collect 18 atmas from FATEs in the following six new Heavensward areas (3 atmas from each area). You can complete the FATEs on any class, so feel free to use this grind to get some leveling done.
The Sea of Clouds: Luminous Wind Crystals
Azys Lla: Luminous Fire Crystals
The Churning Mists Luminous: Lightning Crystals
Coerthas Western Highlands: Luminous Ice Crystals
The Dravanian Forelands: Luminous Earth Crystals
The Dravanian Hinterlands: Luminous Water Crystals
Note that you can skip this stage by trading in Zeta relic weapon. Complete the Vital Title quest from Jalzahn before trading in your relic for the Home of the Brave achievement.

Quest 2: Toughening Up

You need to complete 10 dungeons with your new relic, including Snowcloak, Sastasha (Hard), The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard), Keeper of the Lake, Wanderer's Palace (Hard), Amdapor Keep (Hard), Dusk Vigil, Sohm Al, The Aery, and The Vault. Just note that the first 6 dungeons can be un-synced and you only need your relic equipped as you exit.

Quest 3: Coming Into Its Own (Items Needed)

This stage is a long grind as you need to collect 4 items for Gerolt, each of which require sother items to be traded.
I. Items & Tokens needed
Enchanted Rubber: 20x Unidentifiable Bone + 4x Adamantite Francesca (HQ)
Divine Water: 20x Unidentifiable Ore + 4x Dispelling Arrow (HQ)
Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst: 20x Unidentifiable Seeds + 4x Kingcake (HQ)
Fast-drying Carboncoat: 20x Unidentifiable+ 4x Shell Titanium Alloy Mirror (HQ)
II. Recipes of each item (1 token per daily quest, 1 Item per Kill)
1. Unidentifiable Bone: 680 Poetics, 13 tokens from Amalj'aa Daily Quests, 18 tokens from Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, 10 Precision Gordian Bolt from A1, and 1000 Allied Seals
2. Unidentifiable Shell: 680 Poetics, 13 tokens from Sahagin Daily Quests, 18 tokens from Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, 10 Precision Gordian Lens from A2, and Heavensward Treasure Maps
3. Unidentifiable Ore: 680 Law, 13 tokens from Kobold Daily Quests, 18 tokens from Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, 10 Precision Gordian Spring from A3, and Heavensward Treasure Maps
4. Unidentifiable Seeds: 680 Law, 13 tokens from Sylph Daily Quests, 18 tokens from Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, 10 Precision Gordian Shaft from A4, and 1000 Allied Seals
5. Adamantite Francesca : Blacksmith, 1 Pterodactyl Strap, 1 Adamantite Nugget, 1 Birch Lumber
6. Titanium Alloy Mirror: Alchemist, 1 Titanium Alloy Square, 1 Holy Water, 1 Hardsilver Sand, 1 Vitriol
7. Dispelling Arrow: Carpenter, 1 Blessed Fletchings, 1 Hallowed Chestnut Lumber, 1 Hardsilver Nugget
8. Kingcake: Culinarian, 1 Moogle Miniature, 1 Highland Flour, 1 Yak Milk, 1 Okeanis Egg, 1 Birch Syrup, 1 Tiny Crown.

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