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Guided Health Gaining Popularity due to Innovative approach provided for healthy lifestyle

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2017 07:02 EDT

Guided health is an emerging trend as consumers around the world are finding innovative and effective ways to get a healthy lifestyle. Guided health helps the patients to improve their health with the help of organized food and beverage consumption and by designing their lifestyle to cope up with the stress and anxiety. has added a trend reports report, “TrendSights Analysis: Guided Health,” which provides in-depth reports of this trend and its effect on the global scale.

This model is being adopted by patients diagnosed with several chronic diseases. It is designed to increase patients’ quality of life and quality of care, while enhancing the efficiency of their health care resources and reducing overall health care cost. In guided health care, an authorized nurse works closely to the patient, continuously communicating with physicians and doctors to provide state-of-the-art chronic care. This method could be very beneficial to the patients as it does not only considers the patient conditions but works closely on the environment to get enhanced results. This model was first tested during 2003-2004 in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. The patients who received guided health facilities benefited significantly better than the patients with traditional health care.

This trend reports report helps the readers to access valuable strategic conclusions to assist direct future decision-making while informing them about new product developments in this field. It allows to gain a broader understanding of the fast-moving consumer goods industry while shedding light on both outside and inside trends of this sector. Furthermore, this report helps the readers to gain intuitions into relevant consumer trends and attitudes that are supporting and driving guided health model and the innovations affecting this model.
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Studies have found that over one-third of consumers globally are obscure regarding their dietary needs, and about three quarters of consumers are interested in consuming foods and beverages that can improve their wellbeing and general health. Furthermore, it is found that over half of the consumers are concerned about the impact of diet on their appearance and health. These growing awareness among the consumers are expected to add significance to this trend in industries such as healthcare and consumer goods.
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Guided health model facilitates access to appropriate community resources, supports and educates family caregivers, facilitates the patient’s transition between sites of care, coordinates the efforts of all the patient’s health care providers, and monitors and coaches the patient monthly. Furthermore it promotes patient self-management, creates an evidence-based care guide and a patient-friendly action plan, and perform a comprehensive assessment at home. This report answers crucial questions related to this trends such as what is guided health, why is guided health important, which factors are driving guided health, how can guided health be capitalized on, and what are next developments in guided health.