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Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

Press release   •   Jun 24, 2014 02:45 EDT

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

In general, hair transplant surgery procedure takes the following path:

1. Pre-Procedure

Before any hair transplant surgery occurs, the doctors (and the patient), both need to know how the patient will appear or how the patients features will be altered after the hair transplant surgery.

To understand this, Photos need to be taken. The photos identify the areas of the patient's scalp that have hair and areas of the scalp that are in need of hair transplant surgery. The pre-procedure visit is also used to explain the hair transplant surgery procedure, hairline location and shape and the treatment areas.

2. Procedure

The Hair transplants in San Jose procedure has three stages - harvesting, preparation and planting. The first stage i.e. harvesting happens when the team removes hair from one or more parts of the patient's scalp. The preparation stage involves splitting the donor hair and preparing it for implantation. The third stage is the implantation.

1. At the next visit, the donor area is marked. This is the area from which hair will be removed and implanted in areas of the scalp marked for receiving this hair.

2. A local anaesthesia will be administered to ensure that the patient is comfortable and that the hair transplant surgery procedure is totally painless. Only permanent, lifelong hair follicles are carefully selected from donor areas. This completes the first part of the procedure.

3. There is a brief waiting period between removing the donor hair and actual implanting. During this period, the Hair Transplant orange county surgery team begins the second part of the procedure which involves dividing the donor hair strips into their follicle groupings or units. Each unit will be comprised of as little as one or as many as four hair follicles.

4. For the third stage, hair transplant surgery team administers another round of local anaesthesia. Once the patient is comfortable, tiny incisions are made on the patient's scalp; one for each of the follicular unit.

This is the most difficult part of the Hair Transplant surgery Orange County procedure because the team needs to pay attention to the angle, location and depth of each unit. Only this attention to detail will ensure natural looking hairline.

3. Post Procedure

This is the easy part and consists of post operative instructions i.e. required medication and how to care for your transplant sites.

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