Halfway There Florida Providing Guidance For Sober Living Delray Beach

Press Release   •  Feb 22, 2012 03:41 EST

Halfway There Delray Beach is offering complete rehabilitation help to the people suffering from substance abuse. The goal is to help them regain a healthy lifestyle and also maintain it long-term. The challenges faced by somebody experiencing substance abuse can be multiple. The link between substance abuse and violence, crime, and overall poor quality of life is well documented. At their extreme, substance abuse often leads to permanent disability and even fatality. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are grappling substance abuse and many of them have nowhere to turn to, and are therefore left facing the daunting challenges of poverty, poor education levels, and sometimes even homelessness.

The treatment and rehabilitation options for somebody facing substance abuse are limited, and therefore Halfway House at Delray Beach was established. The goal of Halfway House is to provide the people suffering from substance abuse a chance at sober living Delray Beach, Florida.

The people who wish to not just "kick the habit" but also remain "clean" are encouraged to sign up for the Halfway There rehabilitation program. The goal of Halfway House is to provide rehabilitation help as well as the kind of environment required for the people to recover, stay clean, and work out the difficulties in their life that came about as a result of substance abuse.

The residential program amid the healthful and peaceful environs of Delray Beach offers many options to the people who want to make qualitative changes in their life in addition to recovering from the physical and mental pain wrought by drug use. They can choose single family homes or apartments, which offer family orientation surroundings that support the entire family in their fight against drug abuse and its impact.

Housing is situated close to recovery centers and offers easy transportation, thanks to its convenient location. People have no difficulty traveling to and fro by bus. As pets and animal companions are often seen as positive reinforcements in long-term rehab programs, the management offers pet-friendly housing.

The rehabilitation program itself is modeled on established approaches to treating drug and substance abuse. It includes a basic approach, an advanced approach, and alternative therapies including spiritual practices to help clients deal with the psychological, physical, and other impacts of abuse. This program offers people the chance for sober living Delray Beach, away from the pressures of routine city life, to help them curb the habit and develop self-motivation and attributes necessary for healthy living.

This program for Sober Living Delray Beach is often the best approach to not just treat the impact of substance abuse but also tackle the root causes (psychological, environmental) that lead to substance abuse.

About Halfway There

Located in picturesque, peaceful environs, the Halfway There program offers the people a chance for sober living Delray Beach, away from the pressures and stresses of routines that may or may not result in substance abuse. The rehabilitation program follows various approaches, the basic one with a 93 percent success rate. The family-friendly environment and semi-independent living arrangements help faster rehabilitation and recovery, as it enables the person to not just wean themselves off the habit but also develop attributes necessary for sober living.


The Halfway There program offers the people a chance for Sober Living Delray Beach, away from the pressures and stresses of routines that may or may not result in substance abuse.Learn more about the Halfway There approach at www.halfwaythereflorida.com.

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